Seasonal Keyword Targeting: Are You Relevant to the Time of Year?

It's hard to believe it's already been two years since we last talked about this aspect of keyword analysis here on our blog. If you didn't catch it the first time around, now would be a good time to go back and read our advice on targeting seasonal keywords. It's a recommendation that applies to many businesses throughout the whole year, but seems particularly important as the seasons change from winter and spring into summer.


New Drupal Website Launch: Minnesota Teen Challenge

Last week, we were excited to launch the revamped website for locally-based Minnesota Teen Challenge. This long-time nonprofit customer of August Ash partnered with us on a new project to move their existing site to a newer, significantly more powerful CMS.

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Should I Blog For My Business? A More Specific Blogging Checklist

Yesterday, we shared some helpful tips for making your business (or nonprofit) blog work for you. While the checklist items in yesterday's blog were a bit more abstract, today's follow-up list adds some tips that are specific. Straightforward and fairly simple, these suggestions can help your blog get more traction with readers and search engines.

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August Ash Launches Minnesota Teen Challenge Website

A new website has made it easier for Minnesota Teen Challenge (MnTC) to share one of the most important parts of their drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs - their success stories. The program’s new site design from August Ash, Inc. offers MnTC much needed flexibility and control with a content management system.

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Should I Blog For My Business? A Blogging Checklist

Therein lays the trick: balancing your efforts to please readers and your efforts to please search engines.  A smart blogger can pique the interest of both, but if you’re going to err in either direction, make sure you land on the side of trying to appeal to humans.  Believe it or not, they’re less forgiving and more important to your organization’s goals.


New Launch: Jubilee Bridles

Who is your horse wearing this season? If you're looking for some unusually special bling and accessories for your equine friend, our newest website launch for Jubilee Bridles is one to bookmark. Featuring products for sale directly on the site (it's built on Magento eCommerce) such as horse bracelets, necklaces, and specialty bitless bridles, the new website benefits from a completly refreshed design.

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4 Ways Blog Posts are Unlike the Rest of Your Site

What's better than a "fully" optimized website? An optimized website that gets continually updated with relevant, useful content. And in our opinion, there aren't many tools that can acheive this goal better than a well-utilized blog. Want proof? You're reading ours right now.

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Magento Imagine Recap 3: A Developer's Thoughts

As part of our wrap-up of the Magento Imagine 2012 conference in Las Vegas last week, this installment features some additional thoughts and highlights from a Magento developer's perspective. Other Magento developers and programmers might find this more relevant than the casual user.

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eCommerce: Is Your Brand Ready to Sell Online?

Looking for ways to sell your product or service without breaking ground on a new retail location? Maybe it's time to begin evaluating your need for an eCommerce presence online. In fact, even if you already have a brick and mortar store and your customer base has traditionally been walk-ins, there may be a whole other audience ready to buy your product online that you don't know about.

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3 Beautiful Things You're Missing Without a CMS

A CMS, as it relates to web design, is a content management system. Not every website has one, and if yours is missing a CMS, you may not realize what you're missing. Talk to a business owner or administrator who's made the change, however, and you can get a pretty good idea of why every website we create is built with content management included.

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