Preparing to Conquer 2012's New Challenges

The businesses that succeed today are the ones who recognize that shopping channels change, outreach methods change, and communication tools change, but one aspect through it all hasn't changed: customer service rules and best practices.

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What Are Facebook "Likes" Worth to Your Business

If you're managing your business or nonprofit's Facebook page, how are you gauging the success of your efforts? If it's simply the number of likes your page has, the following argument is worth reading.


New Launch: Bondo®

For more than six decades, Bondo® has been helping do-it-yourselfers fill in, patch, and generally make everything look better. Through the use of Bondo's varying lines of putty, glaze, coatings, and other tools, owners of all kinds of items have been able to restore their possesions to significantly better condition.

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AAI Client 2 Gingers Whiskey Featured on Local TV

August Ash friend and client Kieran Folliard was recently featured on Fox 9's "Buzz" show. In the segment, Folliard, joined by his Marketing Manager Jane Bartel, shared a brief explanation of how his 2 Gingers whiskey came to be. They also demonstrated how to make a Big Ginger at home using the Irish-distilled whiskey.

by August Ash, under AAI News

2 Things We Like About the New Google Analytics

We’ve known for years that the time it takes a browser to load your webpage can affect how often that page gets visited, and to some degree, how Google ranks that page. But over the past year or two, the role of “site speed,” a common term for that measurement, has begun playing an increasingly significant role in SEO.

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Now Hiring: Frontend Developer / Web Designer

August Ash is actively seeking a frontend developer to join our Minneapolis web design team. This role is a full-time, on-site position in our Bloomington office. Following are a few highlights of what we're looking for in candidates. To view the full description, see our Employment page for this position.

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5 Reasons Regular SEO on Your Site Can't Wait Until Later

If you don’t have analytics installed on your site’s pages, however, you won't even be able to discern whether your newly discovered situation is due to a spike (or drop) in traffic, or simply a change in how that existing traffic is behaving on your site.

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New Launch: 2 Gingers Whiskey

August Ash is proud to announce the launch of another significant new website. 2 Gingers Whiskey, the signature whiskey from Irish-born and Minnesota-celebrated Kieran Folliard, has itself recently launched here in the Cities.

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New Launch: Rockabilia

August Ash is excited to announce the launch of's new website. This new redesign replaces a previous design (also from August Ash) that was made live years ago.

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How to Optimize Your Website's Photos

We're sometimes asked about optimizing photos (images) on websites, and more speficically, the difference between alt text and image titles.

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