3 Ways to Better Manage Your Blogging

By now, you probably understand the advantages of good blogging, and its role in smart Internet marketing. If your still unfamiliar with the benefits and how to make use of them, check out some of our previous blogs on the topic.

by August Ash, under Blog Strategy

4 Tips for Improving Your Home Page Content

If there's any truth to the old saying that "you never get a second chance to make a first impression," then it's especially true in the case of your website's home page.

by August Ash

How Fresh is Your Pay-Per-Click Campaign?

One of the biggest advantages of using pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is the timeliness of it. You can create campaigns, make changes, and see results almost in real time.

by August Ash, under Pay Per Click

Better Landing Pages = Better Conversion Rates

Landing pages are crucial to your PPC campaigns' success. Not only will your landing page likely be the first on-site expereince your visitors have with your company, but these pages will serve as your first--and sometimes, only--chance to close the deal.


Upcoming Ribbon Cuttings at August Ash

A couple of Twin Cities groups will be helping August Ash celebrate our recent move with two upcoming ribbon cutting ceremonies.

by August Ash, under AAI News

Mashable.com Features Site Developed by August Ash for Olive & Myrtle

We're always pleased to see our customers' work, and our work, recognized publicly. It's especially rewarding, though, when that honorable recognition comes from industry critics.

by August Ash, under AAI News

New Launch: InterDyn BMI

August Ash was proud to launch the new website for InterDyn BMI this week, bringing a new design to their existing online presence.

by August Ash, under AAI Website Launches

Looking Past The Keywords

When we start the SEO conversation with a new customer, one of the first items we discuss is the importance of keywords and content. The concept and process of getting the right keywords on the right pages is one that many businesses online are still learning about.

by August Ash, under Search Engine Optimization

Free Tips for Writing Your "About" Page

Your “About” page is often the first page a visitor clicks into after arriving at your site. So this page is a good opportunity to tell new visitors what makes you unique.

by August Ash

The Email Marketing Decision

As recently as 2009, studies showed that email was the most popular online activity, favored by 87% of North Americans as their primary online communication tool. As marketers, email is a quick way to communicate directly with customers.

by August Ash, under Email Marketing