Adults Own Facebook (Social Media Stats)

If you follow our blog regularly, you've probably heard enough evidence for the viability of social media as a component of your overall Internet marketing strategy. But in case some skepticism lingers about the value of tools like Facebook for "grown-up" purposes, especially in regards to business goals, maybe these numbers will help shed some light.

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4 Social Media Truths, Part 4

In this abbreviated blog series, we've acknowledged that social media...​

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4 Social Media Truths, Part 3

Recently in our blog, we've recognized that with the help of social media, your brand is already public, and your brand will be shaped by social media. But these truths are only significant if social media is here to stay, right? After all, you've seen business trends come and go several times in the past. If social media is just a flash in the pan, then it may not be worth your investment of time and effort.  But today's Social...

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4 Social Media Truths, Part 2

In part 1 of the series, we discussed how your brand is already public. Your decision to participate will happen irrespective of others' decisions to talk about your brand in their personal and public conversations online.

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4 Social Media Truths, Part 1

There’s a lot being said about social media today. But behind the ongoing conversation are a few basic facts that sometimes get taken for granted. As you consider your brand’s involvement with social media, take a moment to make peace with a few truths you may not have processed yet. It might help in your future decision making.

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New Site Launches: Artists to Watch & Kids' Hair

August Ash is excited to announce the recent launches of two new websites. As always, the full portfolio of August Ash websites can be viewed over on the Our Work page of our site. Congratulations to both customers on the launch of your new websites!

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Magento eCommerce Forum to be Held at August Ash Offices

Next Wednesday, October 26th, Magento will be holding a limited availability eCommerce Forum in Minnesota. Because of our relationship and experience with Magento's platform, August Ash has been selected to host this event.

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August Ash Nominated for 2011 Deubener Awards

We are honored to be a finalist for the 2011 Deubener Awards, and looking forward to the Chamber Honors Gala on Thursday, November 3 when winners will be announced!

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4 Free Tips for Increasing Visitor Response

Following are some of the recommendations we often make when designing new websites for our customers.  Now might be a good time to review your own site’s current contact process. 

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Can Bing Overtake Google?

They are making small advances.

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