20 Percent of Online Shoppers Used Mobile Devices, 1 in 10 Bought Via Mobile

USA Today reported yesterday some facts regarding Cyber Monday's early numbers. Those statistics, preliminary as they were, support what's become more of a trend and less of a newsworthy event in recent years: consumers are not only browsing websites increasingly on mobile devices; they're also purchasing more often via those devices.


Happy Thanksgiving

We have a lot to be thankful for again this year, as a company and as individuals. Among other things, we are grateful that we have the opportunity to come in and do what we love doing every day. If you're an August Ash client, past or present, thank you for helping make this possible.

Happy Thanksgiving from AAI!

by August Ash

New Drupal Website Launch: Smith Metal Products

We're excited to announce the launch of Smith Metal Products' new website. Built on Drupal the new site was designed to help bring the company into its next chapter of online success. Head over to the project profile for Smith Metal Products on our site to learn more.

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Blogging Tip of the Day: Try Lists

Use lists and bullet points where possible (and helpful) throughout your content. Lists make it easier for readers to digest big pieces of text. Furthermore…

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August Ash Volunteering: Feed My Starving Children

Members of the August Ash team were excited to give their time and energy to local not-for-profit Feed My Starving Children.

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New Magento Website Launch: Pumptec

We're excited to announce the recent launch of Pumptec's new Magento website. Head over to the project profile to see how the new site appears on a variety of displays including mobile screens, and to learn more about the project.

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Halloween Fun at AAI (photos)

It's Halloween, and thanks to some good-natured peer pressure, the AAI staff showed its strongest turnout of festive costumes to date. Boasting nearly 100% participation, our team brought the cleverness, creativity, and just a little bit of creepiness to the party this year.

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New WordPress Site Launch: Hirsig Frazier, Inc.

The new WordPress website for Hirsig Frazier, Inc. is live. Check out the project profile we've posted in our portfolio to learn more about this site, see screenshots showing its mobile friendliness, and link to the live site itself.

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August Ash at MRCA Fall Conference Tomorrow

Members of the August Ash team are excited to be heading to the Breezy Point Resort tomorrow to participate in the MRCA's 2012 Fall Conference. We're looking forward to meeting the friendly people of the Minnesota Resort & Campground Association, and learning more about how they represent their industry across the state.

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Social Media Tip of the Day: Share a Variety of Media

Not all of your Facebook and Twitter updates need to be strictly textual. In fact, part of the appeal of these social tools is their flexibility in posting all kinds of content. Consider these examples of ways you can capitalize on this:

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