How to Tell if Your Business Needs Online Marketing

One of the biggest responsibilities you face as a decision-maker in your organization is how to market your business. How can you decide if you need to invest in an online marketing strategy?

by Erica Lovestrand, under Search Engine Marketing

Are You Keeping Up With the Changes to Google AdWords?

While some of the more advanced features in AdWords may not make sense for everyone to utilize, here are some of the top and most recent changes to Google's advertising platform that you should consider when managing your accounts.

by Jared Drahonovsky, under Search Engine Marketing, Pay Per Click

5 Steps for Choosing the Right Web Development Partner

Finding the right web partner who fits your organization's criteria and needs can be a daunting process. We'll outline 5 simple steps that will help you choose the perfect partner for your project.

by Renee Anderson

A Look Inside the Digital Marketing Landscape of 2016

With the digital marketing climate constantly changing and evolving, many business owners and marketers have a common concern about their website and internet marketing efforts becoming obsolete. Although we cannot fully predict what new "trends" will come in 2016, here are a few tactics that are worth keeping a close eye on as they continue to grow and expand into the new year. 


Why You Shouldn’t Focus on SEO When Writing Blog Posts

A well-maintained blog on your company's website can attract new visitors from search engines and lead to valuable conversions. When bloggers focus too much on SEO, however, they can develop bad habits that decrease the ROI of their efforts. 

by Jack Thumser, under Blog Strategy, Search Engine Optimization

Meta Tags 101

We frequently get questions about website meta data; what it is, what it does, and how it should be used. Meta data, or meta tags, are snippets of code in the backend of a website that tell search engines and visitors what a web page is about. They can have a big impact on search engine rankings as well as how visitors view and interact with your website. 

by Erica Lovestrand, under Search Engine Optimization

MAGENTO 2.0: A New Era of Commerce Innovation

Magento 2.0 enables retailers to rapidly innovate to deliver differentiated, engaging omnichannel experiences.

by Renee Anderson, under Magento eCommerce

Understanding Boosted Posts and News Feed Ads

For quite some time, businesses have seen a dramatic decline in reach for organic posts on their Facebook page. In fact, within the past year, organic reach has dropped from about 49% down to 6%. This major decline has ultimately pushed marketers to allocate more of their budget towards other avenues: Facebook advertising and boosting posts.

by Renee Anderson, under Social Media

Google Introduces Artificial Intelligence to Search with RankBrain

Google’s search algorithm works to identify the most accurate results for a search and contains over 200 “signals” that it uses to evaluate webpages. A new addition to this algorithm has been announced. Google calls it RankBrain, and it is now being cited as the 3rd most important “signal” when it comes to rankings. 


Introducing: The All New Drupal 8 Platform

On October 7th, Drupal announced the first release candidate for Drupal 8.0.0. This major update will give developers a more flexible, powerful foundation to create digital experiences across the web, mobile, and commerce.

by Renee Anderson, under Drupal