How long does it take to build a website?

The needs of your website and business effect website timelines. Let's get your website on the design and production schedule.

by Stuart Blessman, under Marketing Technology, Web Development, Web Design

Use Linkedin Ads to Replace Your Tradeshow Leads

Trade Show canceled or gone virtual? Reach your contacts with Linkedin Ads.

by Stuart Blessman, under Marketing Strategy, Sales and Marketing

What is Web Design Accessibility?

When it comes to web design, accessibility means making your website and digital content usable for as many people as possible. Learn about many of the best ways to make your website accessible to visitors with disabilities.

by Stuart Blessman, under Web Design

Why Remarketing Should be a Part of Your Marketing Strategy

Remarketing is a cost effective way of bringing visitors back to your website or online store which will improve your conversion rate. Get started today with August Ash's guide to remarketing.

by Stuart Blessman, under Marketing Strategy

How to Update Your Google My Business Page

Your Google My Business page may be your customer's first stop to learning about your company. Update and verify your GMB listing today.

by Stuart Blessman, under Marketing Strategy

Top Magento Extensions to Grow Traffic and Sales

August Ash has been building Magento ecommerce websites for decades. Here's our recommendations for some of the best Magento extensions. Updated October 2020.

by August Ash

Why You Need a Digital Marketing Strategy For Your Manufacturing Company

A well-designed digital marketing strategy is important for all manufacturers to have. Updated in June 2021

by Stuart Blessman, under Marketing Strategy

Budgeting for Digital Marketing and Web Development

For complex websites, a dedicated web development and marketing budget is something many companies need to plan for in advance. Updated in June 2021

by Stuart Blessman, under Web Development, E-commerce, Web Design

Client Success Story: PGC

“The team at August Ash works alongside you to bring ideas and insight to your digital marketing strategy. They are equally as excited about your success and the growth of your business as you are!” - Amber Fennell, Director of Sales and Marketing, PGC

by Erica Lovestrand, under Marketing Strategy

Choosing a Video Hosting Platform

Choosing the right video hosting site will improve your video analytics and load times. Here's our recommendations for best video hosting platforms.

by Stuart Blessman, under Marketing Technology