Avoid These 5 Common Mistakes When Creating Your Buyer Personas

Every successful website project or marketing campaign begins with understanding your target audience, and buyer personas are key in doing so. Buyer personas help you understand your current and potential customers, what their obstacles and motivations are, and how you can position your offering or service to meet their needs. This is not an exact science, but there are some big mistakes you should avoid making in the process.

by August Ash, under Marketing Strategy, Sales and Marketing

Code Freezes

What's a code freeze, and what does it mean for me?

by August Ash, under Web Development

What, How and Why: Marketing Automation for Manufacturing Companies 

As your company grows, your ability to maintain one-on-one relationships with prospective and established clients declines. Or does it? There’s a way to support those personal relationships without a prohibitively large investment in additional personnel: marketing automation.


Building a Marketing Strategy: Where you Should be Allocating your Valuable Resources in 2022

Craft the strategy that will make the most of your marketing budget.

by Matt Fraga, under Marketing Strategy

See How Many Visitors are on Your Website Right Now

Imagine being able to see, in real time, every visitor on your website, what they're looking at while they're looking at it, and even where they're located. Guess what? You can!

by August Ash, under Search Engine Marketing

Custom vs Templated Web Design: Which is Better?

Most websites use either a custom-made or a pre-designed template; both come with pros and cons, and ultimately the best option comes down to your business needs.

by Jeff Farr, under Web Development, Web Design

Open vs. Closed Source CMS: Which Option is Best?

Take a look at how we compare the pros and cons of these two distinct CMS platforms.

by August Ash, under Drupal, Web Design

Here's How To Get Started with LinkedIn Advertising

Want to run your first Linkedin Ad campaign? Read this quick guide on strategizing and launching Linkedin Ads first.

by August Ash, under Marketing Strategy, Pay Per Click

Importance of Regular Website Maintenance and Support

Regular website maintenance and support prolongs the life of your website and keeps the site performant and secure, continuing to drive return on the original website investment.

by Rachele Hepburn, under Web Development

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With a near perfect rating, Clutch recognizes August Ash as an industry-leading expert in web design and development.