Understanding Boosted Posts and News Feed Ads

For quite some time, businesses have seen a dramatic decline in reach for organic posts on their Facebook page. In fact, within the past year, organic reach has dropped from about 49% down to 6%. This major decline has ultimately pushed marketers to allocate more of their budget towards other avenues: Facebook advertising and boosting posts.

by Renee Anderson, under Social Media

Google Introduces Artificial Intelligence to Search with RankBrain

Google’s search algorithm works to identify the most accurate results for a search and contains over 200 “signals” that it uses to evaluate webpages. A new addition to this algorithm has been announced. Google calls it RankBrain, and it is now being cited as the 3rd most important “signal” when it comes to rankings. 


Introducing: The All New Drupal 8 Platform

On October 7th, Drupal announced the first release candidate for Drupal 8.0.0. This major update will give developers a more flexible, powerful foundation to create digital experiences across the web, mobile, and commerce.

by Renee Anderson, under Drupal

Common Misconceptions about PPC vs. SEO

While the main focus of SEO and Internet Marketing tends to be on organic search, pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns are a vital, supplemental tool for marketers. One of the misconceptions we run into with some clients is that PPC and SEO are very similar when considering which metrics or elements are important to look at in order to measure website success.

by Jared Drahonovsky, under Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click

How to Increase Your Website’s Search Engine Visibility through Local Search Optimization

Google’s recent local search results redesign is causing many marketers and business owners to take a closer look at their local search visibility. With the local search spotlight growing brighter every day, is your local marketing strategy equipped to shine?

by Jack Thumser, under Search Engine Optimization

Meta Referrer Tag: Gaining Control Over Information Being Sent From HTTPS Websites

Although HTTPS has brought technological and security advancements for webmasters including SEO value, there are some downsides. Marketers are increasingly becoming aware that moving from HTTP to HTTPS has caused a loss in referral data. So what exactly is this data? How does it affect your company? We will walk you through what HTTPS is, what changes to expect, and how to effectively use referrer tags to control how much data your HTTPS site wishes to share. 

by Renee Anderson

Top 3 SEO Mistakes in 2015

SEO is an art and a science – and not an exact science, at that. It can be tricky to hit the mark when there are a wide array of tactical options to choose from and many voices telling you various opinions about which tactics are best. 

by Erica Lovestrand, under Search Engine Optimization

How to Build a Foundation to Effectively Measure Content Marketing ROI

According to Search Engine Journal, 94% of B2B business owners use content marketing in some shape or form but only 35% actively document and track their results. It is integral for businesses to create and measure content marketing goals that are focused on producing ROI, but many do not know where or how to even start. 

by Renee Anderson

5 Steps to Choosing the Best Hosting Platform for Your Drupal Site

Many of our clients elect to use Drupal when developing a robust, secure, feature-rich website. But you can only use Drupal to its full potential when the infrastructure behind it is reliable and secure. A website platform should allow you to manage your website efficiently, effectively, and within budget. At August Ash, we use a variety of platforms to do just that, one being Pantheon.

by Renee Anderson, under Drupal

 Utilizing Heat Maps to Track and Analyze User Behavior

“How are visitors interacting with my site?” This is one of the most common questions we get asked by our clients, and occasionally something we ask ourselves about our own website. While tools like Google Analytics are useful for digging up data regarding session duration, behavior paths, demographics, and countless other insights, heat mapping is a great tool that visually displays visitor behavior on a website. 

by Jared Drahonovsky, under Search Engine Marketing