6 Easy Ways to Generate Leads Online for FREE



Whether or not you have a digital marketing strategy in place, there are easy things you can do online RIGHT NOW to generate leads for your business... for FREE! You can perform these tactics while your comprehensive marketing program runs in the background or as a quick fill-in while you get your big strategy in place. Traditional marketing programs take a lot of time and resources to get going, and sometimes you just want to see some fast action. Use these tricks to hit the ground running with your online lead generation efforts.

     1. Use Your Email Signature

Your email signature is an easy place to stick promotions and content you want to share. Think of this as free advertising space. Every time you, or anyone else in your company, sends out an email, you could potentially be sending along a free little ad or promotion while going about your normal business with minimal additional effort. Use this free email signature generator from Hubspot.

What kind of content is good to put in your email signature? Here are some ideas of things you should link to:

  • Your business social media profiles: "Like Us on Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn"
  • A customer incentive/discount: "Refer a friend and receive 20% off"
  • A call to action: "Register for our upcoming conference. Space is limited!" or "Get a Free Quote in 24 Hours"

Once you develop your email signature content, send it out to everyone in the company and have everyone add it to their signature. Now you have free advertising going out every time anyone sends an email! 


      2. Make a Product Explainer Video

Have a smart phone? Then you can make a video. Video has become so accessible these days that you no longer need a huge budget for a professionally produced video. You can make your own video with your smartphone for free. Product explainer videos are very popular. (Read/watch Wistia's explanation of product explainer videos here.) Take one of your interesting products and make a short video explaining what it is, highlight interesting features, and answer common questions. Upload it to your Youtube channel, then distribute it in any number of ways:

  • Post it on your social media accounts
  • Insert it on your website
  • Send it out in an email newsletter

Video is easy for users to consume and 4x as many customers would rather watch a video about a product than read about it. (AnimotoNeed inspiration? Check out this example of an explainer video from local Minnesota-based company Mastcom:


     3. One Word: Simplify

Hick's Law states that the fewer options you give someone, the easier it is for them to decide. Look at the Father's Day Sale webpage below:

Cluttered Call to Action

Where are you supposed to click? There are so many options! Clicking on one link gives the feeling that you're missing out on what one of the other ten links might have to offer! All these options can put the user into a state of analysis paralysis where they freeze up and don't decide at all. Meaning, they hit the back arrow on their browser and visit your competitor's website instead.

Compare that to this example:

Simple Call to Action

Wow, makes the choice simple, huh? 

Make it easy for your users to click on your call to action. The easier your conversion path is, the more people will follow it.


     4. Answer Peoples' Questions Online

The internet is full of people asking questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Some of these people are asking questions that you know the answer to, specifically, questions about your business, its products, and services. Share your subject matter expertise in your field and spread the word about your business at the same time. Sign up for online communities like Quora and Google+ Communities. As you respond to peoples' questions you can link back to your website as an added resource, acquiring you additional traffic and hopefully some new leads!


     5. Create a Facebook Group

The secret to this trick is to create a Facebook Group that has nothing to do with your business. The point of the group is not to explicitly market your business, but to gather an audience of people to occassionally market to. For example, create a group about your city. You could call it "[CITY'S] Biggest Fans". Invite anyone you know who lives, works, or might otherwise be interested in the city. It becomes a kind of a City Fan Page. Then post local news, stats, and points of interest about the city. Then you can run promotions for your business like "The 500th fan of this page gets a 20% discount at [YOUR BUSINESS]." It's also a great way to make more connections within your community that could turn into business leads. Follow this tutorial on how to set up a Facebook Group.



     6. Use LinkedIn Saved Search

LinkedIn is a great place to find people who are members of your target market due to all the attributes users input about themselves into the site. Using this information that people provide about themselves, you can hone in on and market to a very specific type of person. LinkedIn's Saved Search feature allows you to save a set of search criteria and set it to automatically email you when new members come up who match your criteria. You can then network with these people on LinkedIn to find out if they would be a good fit for your products and services.


You're All Set!

Lead generation can be easy and inexpensive. All you have to do is be willing to invest a little time. Take an afternoon for yourself once a week to try out one of the above tactics. Over time a little effort adds up to a lot of success!


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