Working to provide wholesale giftware and housewares to more than 5,000 retailers worldwide, Mark Feldstein and Associates, inc. (MFA) serves a diverse audience, and they need to be available to this audience whenever and wherever they might be. To clearly represent themselves to their market, MFA partnered with August Ash, Inc. (AAI) to create a new website that improved both the look and function of their original.

While the company started 22 years ago with the creation of the Original Singing Bird Clock, they've grown to offer more than 100 products across 9 different categories, as well as value-added services, like package design and distribution. The new design was created with this variety in mind, making sure that visitors know MFA is more than just clocks. An up-front display of the company's main product categories immediately draws visitors into the rest of the site.

In addition to an updated design, the new site gives MFA retailers the ability place orders - a feature not available on their original site. While anyone can browse products, only retailers registered with MFA can order once they're logged in to the site. This feature is convenient for both MFA and the retailers they serve, helping to extend their reach and grow their sales.