Along with a sleek, new design, the site's main feature is the part number configurator. With just a few clicks, APG Cash Drawer customers select options to create a customized cash drawer that meets their exact needs.

Ann Klein states, "You can watch as your cash drawer changes according to the size, drawer front style, interface, color, and till you select."

Another important feature was more in-depth support information, primarily in the form of APG's demonstration videos and 360° product models. These additions give busy customers a quick view of APG's products that's as close to hands on as they can get before actually interacting with the products.

"We are very happy with the outcome of the new site," replies Mark Olson, president of APG Cash Drawer. "The new site is structured to be very user friendly and intuitive for all of our customers."

APG partnered with August Ash, Inc., a Minneapolis web design firm, to create their new site within Drupal, an open source content management system. The framework will allow APG to continue to satisfy their customers' ongoing needs for up-to-date product and support information.

About APG Cash Drawer, LLC

APG Cash Drawer manufactures a broad range of high-quality cash drawers and related products for thousands of customers throughout the world. During their 30+ year history, APG has developed a reputation as the recognized leader for highly durable, dependable cash drawers.

To discover more about APG Cash Drawer and their products, visit or call 763-571-5000.