Client Success Story - South Lyndale Liquors

Digital Customer Service, Online Ordering, and Rapid Parking Lot Pickup. Learn how August Ash helped a local specialty retailer pivot into digital. 


Choosing the Right Email Marketing Platform for Your Website and Marketing Needs

Choosing an email marketing service (ESP) doesn’t have to be a daunting decision. While there are platforms out there that are tailored towards specific businesses and types of email creators, nearly any email marketing platform will work if you are just getting started. 

by Stuart Blessman, under Marketing Technology

The Ultimate Website SEO Checklist

Before diving into any new website build, the smartest thing you can do is conduct comprehensive research and planning. And it’s important to be strategic regarding more than just site design and development. Your new website needs a thoughtful SEO strategy in place before you start building in order to ensure it’s poised for optimal search engine performance. Leaving SEO as an afterthought to be addressed only just prior to launching your new website leaves way too many missed opportunities on the table and can often result in ‘too little, too late’.


Tracking Inbound Calls for Marketing Attribution

Tracking inbound phone calls and attributing them back to the right marketing campaign or channel will be common practice in the 2020s. Here's how August Ash recommends you get started with inbound call attribution.

by Stuart Blessman, under Marketing Strategy, Marketing Technology