Search Engines: Cool, New Features vs. Trusted, Familiar Results

Are the new features some search engines are announcing enough to win over loyal searchers from trusted engines?

by August Ash

Taking More of the Mystery Out of Marketing

We've already told you all the great things you can find out about your marketing results with Internet marketing and website tracking, but internet marketing gives you control even before you decide exactly what message you're going to market.


Taking the Mystery Out of Marketing

Internet marketing is often a mysterious topic that business owners face with skepticism. You know how a print ad works: You give a publication your creative, and you know you'll be able to see it on a certain page of that publication.

by August Ash, under Branding, Social Media, Email Marketing

Quality Score: Just Another Google Puzzle?

Google AdWords ads - those sponsored listings on the top and side of your Google search results - are probably the closest thing you can get to a guaranteed rank in Google. But, as the methods Google uses to determine natural rankings can change quickly enough to make you dizzy, so can the methods they use to determine Google AdWords rank. (And yes - people do look at these ads and even click on them.) AAI can help you maintain and make recommendations on your AdWords account as part of our Internet Marketing Services.


And You Thought You Were Wired

Many of us today can't imagine our lives without the Internet for better or for worse. Some of us - present company included - literally make a living through the Internet, whether that be through web design and marketing or online sales. Sometimes, though, we'd do anything just to have a day with no email, online news, or instant messaging.

by August Ash

Ten Tips for Writing Better Web Copy

As our previous post mentioned, a lot goes into writing good copy for the web. While you may not be able to write perfect web copy with attention to every detail, here is a list of some very general points you can use to get started.

by August Ash, under Search Engine Optimization

Copywriting for the Web

web design that looks nice does just that - it looks nice. You don't want to scare off potential customers with a site that looks outdated or unreliable, but after visitors look at your site, chances are you'd like them to do something more. Websites are some of the greatest marketing tools created but just having something out on the Internet isn't enough. First, you need your potential customers to find it. And second, once they get there, you need to give them a reason to take action. One thing you can do to accomplish both...

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August Ash, Inc. Launches New Website for The Santa Experience

Taking part in a favorite Christmas tradition just got easier for busy Twin Cities families. You can't avoid lines of holiday shoppers in Mall of America's stores, but this year, you can make an appointment for a special visit with Santa. This month, August Ash, Inc. launched a new web design for Mall of America's The Santa Experience that allows visitors to make appointments to meet Santa right from their own computers.

by August Ash, under AAI Website Launches

August Ash, Inc. Launches Know the Truth Website

An organization with a one of a kind approach to increasing awareness of substance use among students needs an effective way to spread their message. After closely working with the Know the Truth staff to create a site that is easy to update and that speaks to their target audience, August Ash, Inc. launched a new website design for Know the Truth this month.

by August Ash, under AAI Website Launches

Don't Judge a Book By Its Cover... Unless It's Your Website

You have a great product or service (make that life-changing product, in your opinion anyway), so, eventually, customers will come, right?

by August Ash