AAI and Smarte Carte, Inc. Launch New Site

Smarte Carte, Inc. is widely recognized for their luggage carts at airports, but the company was ready for a website that accurately represents the six services they've grown to offer since their beginning in 1967.

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AAI and Mark Feldstein & Associates, Inc. Launch New Site

To clearly represent themselves to their market, MFA partnered with August Ash, Inc. (AAI) to create a new website that improved both the look and function of their original.

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Your New Website: Getting From Point A to Point B

Finally resolving to turn your old website into an efficient, new Internet marketing machine or taking your first steps into the World Wide Web is an exciting endeavor. You've got great ideas, and you're ready to tell them to someone that can listen and make them a reality. You know what you want to see, but how do you get there?

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AAI Launches Sound Off For Poverty Site

August Ash Inc. recently launched a new website for Sound Off for Poverty, an initiative of Love INC, a faith-based organization that helps churches work together across denominations to help the poor. 

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The Kiplinger Letter Forecasts Increased Online Retail Sales

While many industries are declining, some even disappearing, this excerpt from the Kiplinger Letter forecasts a bright future for online retail sales.

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August Ash Recognized for Innovation

August Ash (AAI) is honored by the recent recognition from Minnov8 for its recent launches of Magento powered e-commerce websites. An article was posted last week on the Minnov8 website, as well as the MinnPost website, commending AAI for its innovation and early adoption of this innovative new software.

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August Ash, Inc. Partners with MSP International Airport

August Ash, Inc. (AAI) is proud to announce it has been selected as the vendor of choice to design the new MSP International Airport website.

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August Ash Enters 10th Year in Business

This month marks August Ash's tenth year in business.

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AAI Launches

A new website for the Minnesota family law firm Butler, Huson, & Allen, P.A. gives the firm a fresh and professional look, while also allowing the attorneys to provide valuable resources and support for their clients.

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