APG Cash Drawer Partners with August Ash for New Website

APG Cash Drawer, the recognized leader in cash drawers, is proud to announce the launch of their new website geared toward providing customers with the specific information they need when they need it.

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August Ash Ranked in Top 25 Web Development & Design Firms of Minneapolis and St. Paul

Last month, the Minneapolis-St. Paul Business Journal published its annual list of Top 25 Web Development and Design Firms in the Twin Cities. Minneapolis web design company August Ash was included in the list, which ranked the highest-performing local companies by overall revenue.

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What Does a Good Web Design Firm Look Like? Part 3

Proximity Matters
We've recognized that a really good web design and/or SEO firm will be capable and authentic. Those are big criteria for a web developer, to be sure. What else is important, though?

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What Does a Good Web Design Firm Look Like? Part 2

In the first entry of this series we talked about a web design firm needing to be capable, and what that looks like in this field. Today, we're building on that tenet a little further. On top of being capable, we're convinced that your web designer should be real.

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What Does a Good Web Design Firm Look Like? Part 1

One of our goals at August Ash, a Minneapolis web design firm, is to help educate companies in the Twin Cities and around the nation in regard to their online marketing campaigns. Starting with the earliest decisions, leading up to the site's launch, and continuing long after with ongoing Internet marketing strategy, AAI desires to see businesses succeed on the Web.

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MSP Airport's Site Ranked Second in Nation by ACI-NA

Yesterday, the Airports Council International-North America (ACI-NA) announced its winners of the 2009 Excellence in Marketing and Communications competition. The contest, an annual event since 1990, rewards airports around the country based on the criteria of how well their marketing and communications efforts reflect on airports, flying, and the stakeholders.

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Web Speak Lesson 8: Deep Linking

Today the focus of our Web Speak series is on the use of deep linking. Even if you've never heard the phrase, it's likely that you've at one time created a deep link. At a minimum, it's almost a certainty that you've followed a deep link that someone else has created.

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Web Speak Lesson 7: CMS (Content Management System)

This installment of our Web Speak series covers the basic definition and advantages of a CMS. Far from just another meaningless acronym in a myriad of computer speak, this tool can be a website owner's best friend.

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Effective Email Marketing

For most of us today, email is an essential part of both our personal and work lives. If we don't check our email for a few days, we probably feel lost. And if we don't receive any emails for a day, we think something's wrong.

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Web Speak Lesson 6: Breadcrumbs

For lesson six in the August Ash Web Speak series, we're going to briefly discuss the site navigation feature of breadcrumbs, also referred to as a breadcrumb trail. Despite the sometimes hokey names products like these get labeled with, the name of this tool actually represents its purpose and function pretty accurately.

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