Magento eCommerce

As mentioned in our recent post about Drupal website installations, we at August Ash like to have a solid battery of web development tools at our disposal. And because no single tool is a perfect solution for every application, we make sure that each client's project gets an individual assessment.

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APG Cash Drawer Partners with August Ash for New Website

APG Cash Drawer, the recognized leader in cash drawers, is proud to announce the launch of their new website geared toward providing customers with the specific information they need when they need it.

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How To: Use Email Marketing

We met with a new client recently who runs a brick and mortar retail store, and with the help of a Magento ecommerce solution we'll be implementing for them, they will soon be reaching a bigger market online.

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August Ash Ranked in Top 25 Web Development & Design Firms of Minneapolis and St. Paul

Last month, the Minneapolis-St. Paul Business Journal published its annual list of Top 25 Web Development and Design Firms in the Twin Cities. Minneapolis web design company August Ash was included in the list, which ranked the highest-performing local companies by overall revenue.

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Using Facebook for Business

The secret's out that social media can be used to the advantage of businesses and organizations of just about all walks. And even though for some owners the details are still sparse and the benefits are unclear, there's a growing willingness to open up shop in an unfamiliar land. As long as it will pay off.

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Writing for the Web

If, as we've suggested before, the pages of static content on your website are the conference room, think of your blog as the reception area of your office where engaging with new and existing customers is a bit more relaxed and personal.

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Ranking Higher in Google, Part 2

Last week we set a foundation for ranking higher in Google, namely by familiarizing ourselves with some basics of keyword ranking. Today in the second half, we'll briefly look at three ways to start influencing search engines, particularly Google, to rank your site higher for your targeted keywords. There's a lot more that space doesn't allow us to get into now, but for most beginners, this is a good place to start.


Ranking Higher in Google, Part 1

Whether your purpose is to make money, endorse a cause, or cast a vision to the masses, if you own a website you want it to be as successful as possible. And one of the most ubiquitous ways of measuring success relates to how your site ranks in Google's SERPs (search engine results pages). As such, just about every website owner has asked at one time or another, "How do I rank higher in Google?"

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Blogging for Your Business: Where to Begin

Whether or not your organization currently has a blog in place, your first job is to determine if you need one. Not every business will benefit from a blog because not every business has something they want to tell people three times a week...or even twice a month. If yours is that business, acknowledge it and move on to a form of marketing that better serves your site.

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How to Blog Without Making Noise

Blogging has become so accessible that now anyone can join in. The sometimes frustrating side of this coin, however, is anyone can join in.

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