3 Hot Local Search Optimization Tips to Jumpstart Your Business Presence

If you have a brick and mortar store and have claimed your business in Google Places, you're all set for being found locally in online search engines, right? Wrong! Advertising in the Yellow Pages and other local print sources is old news and snapping up your business name on Google then forgetting about it won't bring local, paying traffic to your door.

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Magento, Drupal, or WordPress?

At August Ash, we typically use one of three specific web platforms to create our websites; MagentoDrupal, or WordPress. While some websites do not fit into these platforms and require complete custom work, the majority of our clients are built on one of these three. Which one is right for you and your business? Here’s some basic information to help you decide.

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Is it Time to Upgrade Your Website to Drupal 7?

The community of Drupal developers is constantly working to improve the Drupal platform. The first major update of these improvements in a couple years is Drupal 7, which will most likely be released in the next couple of months. (The core Drupal development team prefers to not set a release date but instead to release it when all critical bugs have been resolved. If you are a PHP developer who can smash bugs, you can help get Drupal 7.0 released sooner.) There are many improvements to Drupal with Drupal 7, but the decision to upgrade at...

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The Drupal Website Advantage

Creating a website with a content management system in today’s web world is almost a necessity. In the web of yesteryear, we used to make sites like we make brochures; if we need to include some new information, we open up the file and change it and then upload it to the website. Content Management Systems such as Drupal or WordPress save us the hassle of finding files, copying them, and uploading them.

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The Free Keywords You Haven't Found Yet

Almost everyone in your organization has something valuable to add to this discussion. Why not ask them which keyword they think customers are searching for?


Targeting Seasonal Keywords for Increased Profit and Traffic

Summer’s here! Are you targeting seasonal keywords for a solid PPC campaign?


How to Use Twitter

These days you’re in the minority if you haven’t heard of Twitter, but actually using Twitter might be something entirely new for you. So this will be dedicated to all those people who are new to using Twitter.

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What Keywords Are You Overlooking?

Keyword research is foundational to the success of your site's performance in search engines. You already know that. You also know that few people understand your industry better than you do, making you a great resource for keywords to target on your site.


10 Useful SEO Practices That Have Gone the Way of the Dodo

While researching current events in SEO this week, I ended up on a few SEO and online marketing websites that really took me by surprise.  Not because they had innovative and useful ideas that I had to immediately take note of.  No, these sites were full of freshly blogged tips and tricks for improving your search engine presence that have been proven to be outmoded, if not detrimental to your standings in the search engines.

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Magento 1.4 Makes E-Commerce Even Better

Minneapolis based web design firm August Ash Inc. implemented Magento 1.4 for clients Actus Inc. and Bellezza Imports to optimize their site for a more user-friendly e-commerce experience.

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