Patches and Updates: The Part of Every Website That's Never "Finished"

In the ever-changing online world, nothing is "build once, run forever".  Websites, as well as their individual components and features, are not designed to last forever. Those who try to extend the natural life of a single website find out in due time that it doesn’t work that way. Graphic design trends, for example, move swiftly and leave older sites in the past.

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Internet Marketing Highlight: MailChimp

Over the years, email has changed. Many companies want to continue to get their message out via email, and that has become increasingly hard. A decade ago, the go-to option for many businesses was to simply send emails out through their web server. Today, however, it's much too easy for an email to get caught in the world's myriad spam nets and never seen by the intended audience.

That's why August Ash began recommending the MailChimp email marketing service to our customers a few years ago. But MailChimp’s benefits include a variety of advantages.

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New Website Launches: George Konik Associates & Apothecary Products

We're proud to share the news that two website projects we've been working on are now live! The two sites built on Magento and Drupal, respectively, represent the next chapter of online marketing for a couple of locally-based companies.

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New Magento Website Launch: Liberty Sport

We're excited to share the news that Liberty Sport's new website is now live.

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New Magento Website Launch: Northwoods Warehouse

Northwoods Warehouse, an online seller of tools, mancave products, and other fun hardware items has a new website. Launched recently on the Magento eCommerce platform, the site is brand new for the company.

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Why Every Business Should Consider Retargeting

It’s becoming more and more noticeable every day. Visit a website, browse it, leave that site, visit another website, and sure enough, there it is: a display ad for the previous website featured prominently on the homepage of another. More often than not, these ads are displayed on some of the most well-known websites too, including CNN, YouTube, MSN, and even Facebook.

by Bryant Crock

New Drupal Website: Doherty Employment Group

The combination of a great client, a solid set of tools, and a smart means of integration just about always ends in success. That's why we're excited to announce the launch of Doherty Employment Group's new website.

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Upcoming Speaking Event October 10th - Social Media Case Studies 2013

Tonight (October 10th, 2013) members of the August Ash Internet marketing team will be speaking at the University of St. Thomas - Small Business Development Center as a part of the Smart Start for Businessprogram's weekly gathering.

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Community Edition 1.8 is Now Available from Magento

When it comes to keeping software up to date, few are as important as your eCommerce platform. That's why we're happy to announce the availability of Magento's 1.8 version of its Community Edition.

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New Drupal Commerce Website Launch: Burnett Dairy Cooperative

We’re excited to announce the launch of Burnett Dairy Cooperative’s new website. Featuring a significant redesign, and built on the powerful Drupal content management system (CMS), this site helps showcase the timeless though modern image of Burnett.