PokéMarketing: Pokémon Go as a Marketing Platform

There’s no disputing that the mobile game Pokémon Go is a massive runaway success. Businesses and marketers already see the opportunities therein and have coined the term "PokéMarketing."

by Erica Lovestrand, under Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Social Media

One Surprising Requirement for a Successful Internet Marketing Program

What makes for a successful search engine marketing campaign? The answers may surprise you. We’ll share one of the answers emphasized at MNSearch Summit 2016 at the Minneapolis Convention Center on June 24th.

by Erica Lovestrand, under Search Engine Marketing

Why We Love DrupalCon

We look forward to DrupalCon every year, and 2016’s event in New Orleans May 9-16 served to remind us once again why we find so much value in this community and conference.

by Adam Erickson, under Drupal, Web Design

Two Simple Ways Web Design Affects SEO

On average, well-designed websites rank higher in search engine results than visually unappealing or outdated sites. How do search engines measure design quality? We look at two fundamental ways great design leads to great rankings.

by Jack Thumser, under Web Design, Search Engine Optimization

Mobilegeddon 2? What You Need to Know About Google's Upcoming Mobile Update

Google is increasing the influence of mobile-friendliness when determining which websites to show in mobile search results. With the May update looming, we look back at the original mobile-friendly algorithm update (a.k.a. "Mobilegeddon") and discuss how businesses should prepare for the sequel.


How to Tell if Your Business Needs Online Marketing

One of the biggest responsibilities you face as a decision-maker in your organization is how to market your business. How can you decide if you need to invest in an online marketing strategy?

by Erica Lovestrand, under Search Engine Marketing