Case Study: A Great Manufacturing Website

As a niche manufacturer, you don’t have the delusion that anyone with a checkbook could become a customer. You know exactly who would be willing to pay for your solutions. This intimate knowledge of your customer is your gift that must be fully utilized when envisioning your ideal website.

Advanced Molding took that gift and partnered with us to create a website that functions as an effective business development asset. Here’s how they did it.

Focused on Buyer Personas

Advanced Molding invested the time to explicitly define their buyer personas.

“Buyer personas aren’t just for promotion. Personas help your business understand your customers, adapt your solutions to their needs, and keep your solutions relevant.” - August Ash

The foundation for success on this project started long before our web designers began their work. Advanced Molding kicked off an internal project to fully understand their current customers. They used quantitative and qualitative survey questions to learn what was important and valuable to their current customers. Concurrently, they audited their solutions to understand which solutions provided the best internal profitability vs. customer value.

Two main insights were distilled from this process. First, like Advanced Molding, the companies they work with are run and managed by engineers. Second, Advanced Molding is really good at what they do. It became a priority to showcase how their superior capabilities and processes would benefit potential customers.

The result: Advanced Molding knew exactly who they wanted to serve with their website and what messages helped them stand to out in ways that were important to their buyer personas.

A True Collaboration

Advanced Molding brought an explicit description of who their audience was and how they would ultimately use their website. Our team took this information and nailed down what this audience should see (user experience) and how the audience would navigate and convert (calls-to-action) on the website. The next step is one of my favorite parts of our process. Advanced Molding sat with our designers and project managers and laid out a shared vision for the website. These engineered ideas, logical best practices, and clear vision is what created the powerful, robust website you see now. 

Designed for Outcomes

Advanced Molding wanted a clean, modern, and uncluttered look and feel to their website. They also wanted to accomplish some pretty lofty goals inside of those design parameters. Our creative team took a broad approach using a mix of video, photos, and text to lead the audience through the customer journey as outlined by Advanced Molding. The home page outlines Advanced Molding's capabilities so that their prospective customers can easily identify if they would solid partner to help bring their project to market. Website visitors also have prominent access to case studies which are incredibly important in the process of determining the competency of a potential partner.


It is important to note that there’s not much else on the page to distract the user away from what is necessary.

Here are a few design highlights:

  • You get a glimpse of their impressive capabilities through the use of background video
  • Text is sparingly used and reserved for the most important key messages for the user
  • Images are purposeful and high quality
  • The user only experiences what is necessary to tell the story - nothing more
  • Concise use of content adapts beautifully to mobile rendering

The new experience on the site is delivering quantifiable results. Some key engagement metrics are up more than 40% from visitors that found the site through search. Those same metrics are up more than 200% on branded searches. Targeted visitors are finding more value on the new website than ever before.

Formula for Success

It is likely that you also have prospective customers looking for a solid partner to help bring their project to market. We can help you reach these prospective customers not only by creating a website that embodies all that your company stands for, but we can also serve as your partner to help reach marketing and sales goals through engineered, smart thinking.

Whether you are in need for a new custom website design, a tailored internet marketing plan, or a specialized growth plan focused on generating leads, we are here to help. We want to work alongside you to grow and build your vision and goals. 

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