Here’s Why You Need to Blog More Often

Many businesses aren’t blogging regularly despite the benefits it brings to them! Need to do more blogging? Start here.

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Business Blogging Strategy and Checklist

A lot of businesses approach their blogging without any strategy or end-goal, which is a grave mistake to make. The last few years have been the years in which content marketing has risen to the top of the digital marketing game. With well-planned and executed content, you can move your business to the top of your niche.

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New WordPress Site Launch: Hirsig Frazier, Inc.

The new WordPress website for Hirsig Frazier, Inc. is live. Check out the project profile we've posted in our portfolio to learn more about this site, see screenshots showing its mobile friendliness, and link to the live site itself.

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Should I Blog For My Business? A More Specific Blogging Checklist

Yesterday, we shared some helpful tips for making your business (or nonprofit) blog work for you. While the checklist items in yesterday's blog were a bit more abstract, today's follow-up list adds some tips that are specific. Straightforward and fairly simple, these suggestions can help your blog get more traction with readers and search engines.

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Should I Blog For My Business? A Blogging Checklist

Therein lays the trick: balancing your efforts to please readers and your efforts to please search engines.  A smart blogger can pique the interest of both, but if you’re going to err in either direction, make sure you land on the side of trying to appeal to humans.  Believe it or not, they’re less forgiving and more important to your organization’s goals.


New Launch: Energy Solutions International

The new website for Energy Solutions International is live, and if you've ever struggled with the decision to replace lamp-for-lamp, or delamp, this might be your lucky day. Check out the new site to learn more about the company, read their blog, and see the web design work of August Ash.

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5 Blogs From 2011 Worth a Second Read

If you've been following the August Ash blog since the beginning, you know that we picked up some steam in 2011, blogging more earnestly than previously. It wasn't simply that we had more to talk about than before; we wanted to more intentionally demonstrate the effectiveness of this [almost] free tool for us and our customers who might be in the same boat.

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Magento, Drupal, or WordPress?

At August Ash, we typically use one of three specific web platforms to create our websites; MagentoDrupal, or WordPress. While some websites do not fit into these platforms and require complete custom work, the majority of our clients are built on one of these three. Which one is right for you and your business? Here’s some basic information to help you decide.

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Three Reasons You Should Blog

There's a 100 percent chance you've read at least one blog in your life. (It's what you're doing right now.) Easier, faster, and cheaper than building a full website, a blog is a convenient way for individuals to establish their own online presence.