Why You Shouldn’t Focus on SEO When Writing Blog Posts

A well-maintained blog on your company's website can attract new visitors from search engines and lead to valuable conversions. When bloggers focus too much on SEO, however, they can develop bad habits that decrease the ROI of their efforts. 

by Jack Thumser, under Blog Strategy, Search Engine Optimization

The SEO Case for Blogging in 2013 (With Stats)

If you’ve talked with a reputable SEO source before, and certainly if you’ve worked with us, you’ve probably heard the statement “blogging is helpful for SEO”. 

by Bryant Crock, under Blog Strategy, Search Engine Optimization

Content Tip of the Day: Use Questions to Increase Traffic and Conversions

As you write your content, include frequently asked questions within your copy, and answer them with relevant, useful content.

by August Ash, under Blog Strategy

Content Tip of the Day: Being Original is a Rule

Using content that’s unique to your site can help you avoid duplicate content issues with search engines, and prove that you’re an established organization; not a spammer who slapped together a site in a week.


Content Tip of the Day: Make it Easy for Visitors to Convert

In fact, even really useful content will only go so far without one key element: an opportunity to convert visitors into prospects or customers.

by August Ash, under Blog Strategy

Content Tip of the Day: Make it Memorable

While you should always be adding to your content, it can only be successful if that information is actually valuable to visitors. When it comes to updating your blog, creating e-mail marketing campaigns, and even posting to your social media, never let quantity eclipse quality. If you don’t have something useful to say today, save yourself the time and don’t force it. However, remember that you almost always have something useful to share; your business is always doing something. So, too, should your content.

by August Ash, under Blog Strategy, Email Marketing, Social Media

Content Tip of the Day: Use Headlines

Introducing new thoughts in your blog post (or any page of your site, for that matter) using short, descriptive headlines can help break up your text, keeping it easily digestible for your visitors. 

by August Ash, under Blog Strategy

Blogging Tip of the Day: Try Lists

Use lists and bullet points where possible (and helpful) throughout your content. Lists make it easier for readers to digest big pieces of text. Furthermore…

by August Ash, under Blog Strategy

New WordPress Site Launch: Hirsig Frazier, Inc.

The new WordPress website for Hirsig Frazier, Inc. is live. Check out the project profile we've posted in our portfolio to learn more about this site, see screenshots showing its mobile friendliness, and link to the live site itself.

by August Ash, under AAI Website Launches, Blog Strategy

Should I Blog For My Business? A More Specific Blogging Checklist

Yesterday, we shared some helpful tips for making your business (or nonprofit) blog work for you. While the checklist items in yesterday's blog were a bit more abstract, today's follow-up list adds some tips that are specific. Straightforward and fairly simple, these suggestions can help your blog get more traction with readers and search engines.

by August Ash, under Blog Strategy