The Ultimate Website SEO Checklist

Before diving into any new website build, the smartest thing you can do is conduct comprehensive research and planning. And it’s important to be strategic regarding more than just site design and development. Your new website needs a thoughtful SEO strategy in place before you start building in order to ensure it’s poised for optimal search engine performance. Leaving SEO as an afterthought to be addressed only just prior to launching your new website leaves way too many missed opportunities on the table and can often result in ‘too little, too late’.


Why Good Web Design is Essential for Content Websites

Good web design is critical for a marketing website; it can make or break your content marketing efforts.

by August Ash, under User Experience, Content Marketing

5 Steps Manufacturers Should Take Before Launching a Content Marketing Strategy

When it comes to content marketing, the manufacturing industry has been relatively slow to adapt. Many people mistakenly think that content from manufacturers is likely to be filled with technical jargon and complex products that may not arouse interest in potential customers. However, the lack of glamour in manufacturing is one of the biggest reasons why companies within this industry need to build solid content marketing strategy.

by Renee Anderson, under Marketing, Marketing Strategy, Content Marketing

Website Revamp: Incorporating Visual Content

According to Zabisco, 40% of people are better able to process and respond to visual information as opposed to plain text. Pictures, videos, and infographics are becoming fundamental components in content marketing. How does your website stack up? 

by Renee Anderson, under Web Design, Content Marketing

Website Revamp: Providing the Right Content For Your Audience

According to data by Chartbeat, 55% of visitors spend less than 15 seconds on a website. How can you effectively capture their attention while making information easy to find? It is all about optimizing content. 

by Renee Anderson, under Content Marketing

Keeping Up With The Latest SEO Trends: Content Marketing

There has been some speculation that content marketing will eventually replace SEO. Despite these theories, SEO and content marketing are two powerful tools that can and should work together towards a common goal; provide consumers more relevant and useful information.