5-ish Reasons Why You Should Consider Drupal Commerce 2

Most comparisons of top ecommerce platforms are done as either a checklist of published features, or architectural comparisons, rather than thinking in terms of the bigger picture: Does the platform fit your current and future business requirements, and is it the most cost-effective solution to meet your needs?

by Josh Johnson, under Web Development, E-commerce, Drupal

How to Prepare for Building Your New E-Commerce Website

If you’re considering a new e-commerce site, you should start preparing now to give yourself the best opportunity for a successful project.

by Adam Erickson, under Magento eCommerce, E-commerce

Community Edition 1.8 is Now Available from Magento

When it comes to keeping software up to date, few are as important as your eCommerce platform. That's why we're happy to announce the availability of Magento's 1.8 version of its Community Edition.

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New Drupal Commerce Website Launch: Burnett Dairy Cooperative

We’re excited to announce the launch of Burnett Dairy Cooperative’s new website. Featuring a significant redesign, and built on the powerful Drupal content management system (CMS), this site helps showcase the timeless though modern image of Burnett.


Magento Certified Developer Plus Status (x4)

August Ash is proud to announce that our staff of skilled, experienced Magento programmers includes 4 who have worked hard to achieve the status of Magento Certified Developer Plus.

by August Ash, under E-commerce, Magento eCommerce

20 Percent of Online Shoppers Used Mobile Devices, 1 in 10 Bought Via Mobile

USA Today reported yesterday some facts regarding Cyber Monday's early numbers. Those statistics, preliminary as they were, support what's become more of a trend and less of a newsworthy event in recent years: consumers are not only browsing websites increasingly on mobile devices; they're also purchasing more often via those devices.


Show, Click, Buy: The Path of eCommerce Success

Persuading visitors to buy online isn't something that comes naturally. It takes research, analysis, planning, smart design, and some ongoing tweaking once it's live.

by August Ash, under E-commerce, Web Design

Google Shopping on the Horizon

You may have already heard about how Google is reshaping its current Product Search into the new Google Shopping format. If you sell products online, this will be especially relevant to your business as you seek out opportunities to be included in Google's results today, or further down the road.

by August Ash, under E-commerce

eCommerce: Is Your Brand Ready to Sell Online?

Looking for ways to sell your product or service without breaking ground on a new retail location? Maybe it's time to begin evaluating your need for an eCommerce presence online. In fact, even if you already have a brick and mortar store and your customer base has traditionally been walk-ins, there may be a whole other audience ready to buy your product online that you don't know about.

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Magento 1.7 Coming Soon

Magento 1.7, a new update to the already dependable e-commerce platform, should be released sometime within the next month, and with it, brings some exciting new features (as well as many bug fixes).

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