8 MailChimp Tools That Will Transform Your Email Campaigns

MailChimp remains one of the most viable email marketing platforms accross the marketing technology landscape. It offers exceptional ease of use and a bagful of tricks for optimizing and improving your email campaigns. Representing a major component of your marketing technology stack, are you utilizing all of the features and functionality MailChimp has to offer?

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Internet Marketing Highlight: MailChimp

Over the years, email has changed. Many companies want to continue to get their message out via email, and that has become increasingly hard. A decade ago, the go-to option for many businesses was to simply send emails out through their web server. Today, however, it's much too easy for an email to get caught in the world's myriad spam nets and never seen by the intended audience.

That's why August Ash began recommending the MailChimp email marketing service to our customers a few years ago. But MailChimp’s benefits include a variety of advantages.

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Content Tip of the Day: Make it Memorable

While you should always be adding to your content, it can only be successful if that information is actually valuable to visitors. When it comes to updating your blog, creating e-mail marketing campaigns, and even posting to your social media, never let quantity eclipse quality. If you don’t have something useful to say today, save yourself the time and don’t force it. However, remember that you almost always have something useful to share; your business is always doing something. So, too, should your content.

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How To Create an Email Campaign in MailChimp

One of the reasons we recommend MailChimp to customers who will be managing their own email marketing campaigns is because it's one of the most user-friendly tools out there for this. In fact, if you receive our monthly newsletter, you've probably already noticed that we use it in-house, too.

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Effective Email Marketing

For most of us today, email is an essential part of both our personal and work lives. If we don't check our email for a few days, we probably feel lost. And if we don't receive any emails for a day, we think something's wrong.

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How Do I Set Up Outlook/Email On My Computer?

Email can make your life easier, but only if you're able to send and receive it without problems.

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