How to Prepare for Building Your New E-Commerce Website

If you’re considering a new e-commerce site, you should start preparing now to give yourself the best opportunity for a successful project.

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MAGENTO 2.0: A New Era of Commerce Innovation

Magento 2.0 enables retailers to rapidly innovate to deliver differentiated, engaging omnichannel experiences.

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Important Magento Update: New Security Patch

To further secure the platform from potential attacks, Magento has recently released a new patch (SUPEE-5994) that includes multiple security fixes.

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Magento Imagine Commerce 2015

This month Magento is having its largest conference of the year in Las Vegas, and we can’t wait to be a part of it.  

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New Magento Launch: Wissota Skate Sharpeners

Adding to the first few Magento launches of 2014 is a new website for Wissota Skate Sharpeners, now live. Using a Magento theme, Wissota's eCommerce site offers easy online purchasing of skate sharpening equipment, parts, accessories, and content to help customers get the most from these products.


New Website Launches: Drupal and Magento

Helping kickoff the new year are a couple of website launches that August Ash is proud to announce. Built on Drupal and Magento respectively, these two sites represent bold new advancements for both clients' online presence


Patches and Updates: The Part of Every Website That's Never "Finished"

In the ever-changing online world, nothing is "build once, run forever".  Websites, as well as their individual components and features, are not designed to last forever. Those who try to extend the natural life of a single website find out in due time that it doesn’t work that way. Graphic design trends, for example, move swiftly and leave older sites in the past.

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New Magento Website Launch: Liberty Sport

We're excited to share the news that Liberty Sport's new website is now live.

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Community Edition 1.8 is Now Available from Magento

When it comes to keeping software up to date, few are as important as your eCommerce platform. That's why we're happy to announce the availability of Magento's 1.8 version of its Community Edition.

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Magento Certified Developer Plus Status (x4)

August Ash is proud to announce that our staff of skilled, experienced Magento programmers includes 4 who have worked hard to achieve the status of Magento Certified Developer Plus.

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