6 Easy Ways to Generate Leads Online for FREE

Whether or not you have a digital marketing strategy in place, there are easy things you can do online RIGHT NOW to generate leads for your business for free. 


PokéMarketing: Pokémon Go as a Marketing Platform

There’s no disputing that the mobile game Pokémon Go is a massive runaway success. Businesses and marketers already see the opportunities therein and have coined the term "PokéMarketing."

by Erica Lovestrand, under Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Social Media

A Look Inside the Digital Marketing Landscape of 2016

With the digital marketing climate constantly changing and evolving, many business owners and marketers have a common concern about their website and internet marketing efforts becoming obsolete. Although we cannot fully predict what new "trends" will come in 2016, here are a few tactics that are worth keeping a close eye on as they continue to grow and expand into the new year. 


Understanding Boosted Posts and News Feed Ads

For quite some time, businesses have seen a dramatic decline in reach for organic posts on their Facebook page. In fact, within the past year, organic reach has dropped from about 49% down to 6%. This major decline has ultimately pushed marketers to allocate more of their budget towards other avenues: Facebook advertising and boosting posts.

by Renee Anderson, under Social Media

Facebook is Tightening Its Grip on Page Followers 

Earlier this month, Facebook announced that it will begin to remove inactive Facebook accounts from Pages’ like counts. Not to worry, this new update isn’t as bad as it seems. 

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Keeping Up With the Latest SEO Trends: Social Media

Social media has become a significant aspect of our daily life, and let’s face it; it isn’t going away anytime soon. 


In Case You Missed It: 4 Facebook Game Changers

If your business has a Facebook presence, you may be one of the millions who took the time to set it up, but never followed through with a strategic plan to nurture it. That needs to change starting today. Following are just four basic best practices you (or someone on your behalf) need to be aware of on a day-to-day basis.

by August Ash, under Social Media

Upcoming Speaking Event October 10th - Social Media Case Studies 2013

Tonight (October 10th, 2013) members of the August Ash Internet marketing team will be speaking at the University of St. Thomas - Small Business Development Center as a part of the Smart Start for Businessprogram's weekly gathering.

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Moz Study: Google+ and Higher Rankings Correlation

In their blog post last week, Moz carefully avoided conjecture, and prominently labeled it a “correlation” in the article’s headline. What is the connection, though, and what does this mean for us?


Content Tip of the Day: Make it Memorable

While you should always be adding to your content, it can only be successful if that information is actually valuable to visitors. When it comes to updating your blog, creating e-mail marketing campaigns, and even posting to your social media, never let quantity eclipse quality. If you don’t have something useful to say today, save yourself the time and don’t force it. However, remember that you almost always have something useful to share; your business is always doing something. So, too, should your content.

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