How a Modern CMS Can Enable B2B Marketing Success

A comprehensive content management system (CMS) enables the process of creating, managing and publishing content on your website. We’ll explain the importance behind having a robust CMS system and why it serves as the foundation for B2B marketing success.

by Renee Anderson, under Marketing Technology, Web Development, Drupal

5-ish Reasons Why You Should Consider Drupal Commerce 2

Most comparisons of top ecommerce platforms are done as either a checklist of published features, or architectural comparisons, rather than thinking in terms of the bigger picture: Does the platform fit your current and future business requirements, and is it the most cost-effective solution to meet your needs?

by Josh Johnson, under Web Development, E-commerce, Drupal

6 Reasons We Use Drupal 8

We've been building websites with Drupal at August Ash for almost a decade. Drupal is a website content management system and development framework that gives us nearly unlimited possibilities. Here are the six main reasons we recommend Drupal to our clients and why you should consider the latest version, Drupal 8.

by Dan Ficker, under Web Development, Drupal