Choosing the best hosting platform for your Magento website can be a challenging task. Hosting is a crucial part of website performance, and finding and hiring a reliable hosting provider is necessary to run it efficiently and effectively. 

Ultimately, a hosting provider needs to provide a web hosting plan that ensures compatibility and additional essential business features such as SSL certification and third-party solutions that an ecommerce website requires. 

Let’s start with picking which type of hosting solution is best for you and your ecommerce website.

Managed or Unmanaged Hosting - Which is best?

You’ll get two options if looking for a new hosting plan, Managed and Unmanaged.

Managed Hosting: As the name says, managed hosting is managed by the provider itself. The advantage for you is that the issues, updates, and configurations will be done by the provider only.

Though it will make your work easier, in the case of Magento, managed hosting could be a restricted choice if you want to use open sources like Redis and Memcache. Typically in such cases, though, the provider will allow that for extra fees.

Unmanaged Hosting: In contrast, self-service hosting will allow you to add functionality as needed giving you full control over the server, and it’s cheaper than managed hosting. The main disadvantage of handling all issues by yourself is the effort this entails and the possibility for things to go wrong as you may not be the best at handling hosting versus an experienced managed provider. 

Some providers now offer hybrid solutions as well in which you will get complete access and limited support.

Leading Magento 1 and Magento 2 Hosting Vendors

There are many other providers available for hosting, but will need to be evaluated based on your own requirements. Let's pen down the list of essentials required to help pick the right one for you.

Crucial features to keep in mind while choosing the best Magento website hosting service:

  • Performance: The hosting provider should boost up the performance of your site, such as an increase in load and response times. 
  • Blackholed IPs: Ask the provider if its network has blackholed IPs and doesn’t allow the spammers or other attacks. 
  • Scalability: To handle the sudden traffic spikes which may affect the website to go completely down, the hosting provider should be able to provide scalability to save you from unexpected trouble.
  • Server Management: The service provider must take the entire responsibility of operating the server, whether it's related to upgrades or another server related task, because your involvement in these tasks may distract your focus from the actual work of your site. 
  • Backup/Recovery: The service provider should offer some way to create backups of your server environment and restore from a backup if necessary. Ask what type of backups are offered (i.e., server image, database, file-level, etc).
  • Storage Limit: One thing to review is the storage space to avoid further increases in the overall pricing when using the hosting provider. Consider the available processors and RAM considerations for resources and database processing.
  • Quality: Before selecting one provider, go through all the points and services mentioned by the potential hosting provider, don't go for the provider only because it's well known, their reputation doesn't mean they provide the best value for your needs.

Which hosting solution do we recommend to our Magento clients? Most of the time, it’s Nexcess. Nexcess is a great partner who meets the requirements of the critical features. 

Nexcess Magento Hosting Solution

Nexcess is one of the best at providing additional advanced features for eCommerce websites to operate without interruptions, with over 18+ years of rich experience in empowering its clients to grow their businesses as they want.

Some of the performance and features we appreciate in Nexcess are:

  • Flexibility: Nexcess provides true flexibility with auto-scaling and upgrading/ downgrading as per your business requirements.
  • Speed Up: Provides the speed you can rely on and can control the same time. Also, it provides the managed cloud platform with server-side scripting, and 1-click cloud acceleration helps in building the business growth easily.
  • Competitive: Stays ahead in the competition by keeping an eye on the latest technologies and updates to keep you ahead in business. 
  • Support: Nexcess makes sure that the team provides full support to fix your issues quickly. To give you the best and timely service is the top priority. Their 24/7 support helps to enhance site performance without unnecessary interruptions.
  • Fast Magento Servers: They value the time of their clients and provide fast servers to achieve the required performance.
  • Optimize for Magento 2: Provides updated methods to enhance the Magento 2 system performance.
  • Storage and daily back-ups: Nexcess provides enough space to store the data and facilitate the daily back-ups to evade the loss of data due to unforeseen issues.

Update Your Magento Hosting and Development with August Ash

If it’s been several years since you’ve audited your Magento hosting environment, it may be time for an update. As Magento 1 continues to sunset and Magento 2 gets updated more frequently, now is the time to start developing a strategic plan for your website migration with an experienced web development partner.

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