A family-managed law firm, Lord + Heinlein values compassion and justice, causing them to doggedly pursue fairness for all their personal injury and professional license defense clients. Priscilla Lord, the managing partner, along with Melissa Heinlein, continue the legacy of Priscilla’s father Judge Miles Lord in providing fierce advocacy for victims of serious injuries or professional accusations.

The Challenge

As a smaller law firm, Lord + Heinlein were frustrated by a lack of apparent results from digital marketing efforts. Competitors outranked them on Google and they weren’t seeing the lead generation results they hoped for from digital advertising. They felt like they were fighting a losing battle competing against well-known firms with large budgets who had dominated an expensive market for years.

Lord + Heinlein offered superb service to their clientele and knew they could help many more people. They just couldn’t seem to get their story heard with so many competitors with large digital presences and multi-channel campaigns.

Being a two-person law firm, it was difficult for them to find time to create content like blog posts, social media, or email campaigns, especially without adequate guidance on content and social media strategy. This made it harder to increase brand awareness and search engine performance.

They felt as though they were flying blind due to not having enough visibility into what their digital marketing looked like, how it was performing, what changes were occurring, and what the end result was. They didn’t feel like anyone completely understood their business and market and how to achieve their goals, which led to inefficient campaigns that weren’t precisely on target for their audience and message. Furthermore, they didn’t feel like they had much understanding of the digital marketing being performed on their behalf.

They reached out to August Ash whom they learned about from a web development partner. We performed a market and competitor analysis and identified some key areas where Lord + Heinlein could get seen online and get people to contact them despite the competition.

The Solution

August Ash recommended a mix of Google Ads, onsite search engine optimization, content consulting, social media consulting, website user experience and conversion rate optimization, and custom landing page development to acquire new leads, and increase search engine ranking, brand awareness, website traffic, engagement, and conversion rate.

Lord + Heinlein were focused on promoting their legal services for personal injury defense and professional license defense cases. Very well-known law firms had already bought into using Google Ads to get personal injury case leads and the cost per click and competition was extremely high making it hard to get a good return on investment without an exceptionally large ad budget. However, competitors were not yet investing heavily in advertising on Google for professional license defense cases from people like nurses and psychologists who had a professional complaint filed against them with their licensing board. This created an opportunity for Lord + Heinlein to get into the search ad market for professional license defense ahead of competitors and acquire and hold onto the majority of market share in the advertising space up through the present day. Today their professional license defense campaign regularly gets a 20%+ conversion rate on Google Ads.

There were many untapped opportunities for increased search engine optimization for both personal injury and professional license defense on their website. And with some strategic guidance, they were able to create more content and put it to use more effectively on social, and make it more search-engine friendly. We identified a number of design, structure, navigation, and content changes to the website that would increase trust, engagement, conversion rate, and improve user experience, including developing multiple custom lead-generation landing pages for specific practice areas.

The Result

Lord + Heinlein collaborated with us in doing a deep dive into their business. We were able to develop a holistic understanding of their particular goals and challenges. As a result, Lord + Heinlein saw an 83% increase in leads generated from the website. The overall conversion rate of their website increased 89%. They had 103% more phone calls from the website and 68% more contact form submissions. They have also increased their search engine ranking by 9%. 

In addition, we committed to and delivered on providing transparency into our process and insight into the digital marketing efforts taking place on their behalf with detailed analytics and analysis of performance. This allowed us to make decisions together about the best strategic turn to take at every corner. Lord + Heinlein grew to see that they could trust us to come up with fresh approaches and ideas to branch out into new avenues of acquiring exposure and business online. Since partnering with Lord + Heinlein we have continually strived to improve our strategies and techniques to get maximum results in a digital landscape with ever-shifting competition and factors to consider. 

Currently, Lord + Heinlein continues to receive quality leads on a regular basis and is happy with the amount of business their digital marketing has generated. As their dedicated digital marketing partner, we look forward to seeing what we can achieve with them next.