What happens when a company with a name that’s been well-known for over 100 years rebrands and wants to expand into new markets?

RADIA knows what it’s like first-hand and called on August Ash to help. RADIA started out over 100 years ago as Red Devil Equipment Co. and became a well-known name in the paint and tooling industry.

But as the company evolved and wanted to take on new challenges, they realized they needed to make a change; not only to their brand, but to their website and digital marketing strategy.

Growing Pains

RADIA knew going down a new, innovative path would not be without its challenges. There was some confusion in the marketplace between the new RADIA brand and their older, more established Red Devil brand.

They were struggling to generate online leads. They also identified new macro- and micro-markets they wanted to tap into and needed help with market penetration. They approached August Ash for help addressing these challenges.

A Digital Transformation

August Ash helped RADIA by building a brand new website that accurately represented their new brand, as well as showcased their expanded products and services.

The collaborative process included buyer persona work to ensure the website had the right messaging and conversion paths as well as research and analysis of their market, competitors, content, current marketing channels, and technology stack.

Search engine optimization helped attract relevant traffic to the new website which was designed to convert traffic to qualified leads.

Paid search ad campaigns were also developed to promote brand awareness, mitigate brand confusion, and generate leads from the identified target markets.

A New Day for RADIA

As a result of their revamped online presence, RADIA saw a 50% increase in traffic to their new website in the first year.

They’ve enjoyed an additional 10% increase in website traffic since then. Website lead generation has continued to increase as well, raising the conversion rate by 53% over the past year alone. Bob Brockman, VP of Sales & Marketing/New Product Development at RADIA says,

“Thanks to the August Ash team, we now have an updated website with better flow and a much clearer Digital Marketing presence. This has increased the traffic to our site and has not only opened us up to new markets, but we have also seen a significant increase in online Quote Requests. The results… a much higher quote closure rate. Great doing business with you guys!!”

RADIA considers their rebrand, website redesign and rebuild, and new digital marketing strategy a success.

There’s nothing we like more than seeing our clients succeed! If you need help addressing challenges your business is facing, contact us today to see how we can help.