One of the most important things we do each year to prevent unexpected issues is to implement code freezes a few days before Thanksgiving. A code freeze is a term our development team uses which means no one can deploy production code during the freeze period. It is designed to prevent the addition of bugs and new features before a busy period where we can only offer minimal support.

The specific dates this code freeze goes into effect are Tuesday, November 23rd through Sunday, November 28th.

What Does This Mean For Me?

While our code freezes don’t require any effort on our clients’ part, we ask for your help by working with your Strategic Account Manager to plan any significant website improvements, content changes, or promotions before Thanksgiving.

A few helpful things to consider before our code freeze periods hit are:

  • Double-check that hosting is paid for and you have a plan for handling increased holiday web traffic
  • Verify any domains or SSL certificates are not going to expire during the holidays
  • Consider applying any outstanding security fixes
  • Plan for any sales or promotions that require our team’s help to implement
  • Review your content and product catalog (if applicable) to make sure it is still relevant
  • Plan for any last-minute SEO improvements
  • Review how well your website runs on mobile devices
  • Consider working with our team to implement a plan for handling a DDoS attack so your website service isn’t interrupted during the holidays

Questions? We're here to answer them!

If you are looking to find success this holiday season, consider working with our team and embracing this best practice. Connect with your Strategic Account Manager today to learn more or to ask questions about how we can help your business ahead of the holiday season.