It’s time to consider migrating from Drupal 8 to Drupal 9 or another platform, before end of life in November 2021.

Drupal has been the website platform of choice for many businesses ever since it came on the market back in 2000, and for good reason. It’s flexible, customizable, scalable, secure, and powerful. For these reasons, Drupal has been the CMS of choice for Universities, Businesses of all shapes and sizes, non-profits, and even The White House along with numerous  government agencies. Currently there are over 560,000 websites operating on Drupal and it’s the third most popular website platform in the world. 

End of Support for Drupal 8

Drupal is frequently updated and comes out with new versions offering enhanced functionality, security fixes, and more. As they advance technologically with new versions, support for older versions gradually phases out. To this end, the Drupal Association officially announced that support for Drupal 8 will end in November 2021. As of this date, there will be no security updates, further developments, or improvements made by Drupal. Individual developers may still volunteer to support Drupal 8 via their own efforts, but there will be no official support.

Unofficial Community Support for Drupal 8 

The unofficial Drupal community is very large and active, and you do have the option of depending on the community for continued unofficial support of your Drupal 8 website. Many DIY developers and small businesses rely on this approach, hoping that the community will keep 10+ year old website platforms safe and operational. But since this is voluntary support provided by individual developers, and not official support from Drupal itself, there’s no guarantee that the support will continue. There is also the risk that support performed by the community will not be maintained which can leave your website at greater risk of security breaches, functionality issues, and breakdowns.

Drupal 9 - Easiest Major Upgrade in a Decade

Drupal 9 is unique. Unlike previous new major versions, Drupal 9 is not a reinvention of Drupal. It was mostly built on the foundation that Drupal 8 is, through deprecating APIs and updated dependencies. Other than these two things, Drupal 9.0.0 is the same as Drupal 8.9, the last Drupal 8 minor release.

To illustrate this, imagine your website is a train. Previously, moving major versions meant moving the train to a different track entirely. After Drupal 8, new major versions will just be stations on the same track.

If you’re already on our Peace of Mind plan, your site is already up to date and we can easily migrate to Drupal 9. Reach out to your Strategic Account Manager to schedule yours.

If you’re not on our Peace of Mind plan, let's discuss how to update your site to the latest version of Drupal 8, along with security and module patches , and work towards a migration to Drupal 9. 

What to Expect from Drupal 9

Drupal 9 brings forward all the features you love in Drupal 8 with updated system requirements and components for longer security support.

Adopting Drupal 9 keeps you on the continuous innovation cycle with feature additions twice a year. Drupal 9.3.0 with new features is scheduled for December 2021.

Developers with Drupal 8 experience will find Drupal 9 very familiar, no need to retrain. Cleaned up, consistent APIs provide developers a modern environment.

We recommend all Drupal 8 website owners strongly consider migrating to Drupal 9.

Let’s Migrate Your Drupal 8 Website 

The first thing we do before migrating any website is to meet with you to understand how your new website will serve your business and further align your 4 Pillars. Our 4 Pillars approach aligns your Strategy, Sales, Marketing, and Technology to further identify areas of opportunity and further alignment.

If you’d like advice on what to do with your Drupal 8 website, contact August Ash for a Free Website Evaluation and 4 Pillars Consultation.