Here's what they're reporting back so far:

  • Day one of DrupalCon was a great start to an engaging conference; our guys arrived in Chicago on Monday night and immediately went out for pizza at Giordano's.
  • Monday night, after registration, they scoped out the expo hall and mingled with the Drupal-related vendors, and ran into a number of developer friends we've met before at Drupal events in the Twin Cities.
  • They were later welcomed by a number of Drupal developers playing Jeff Robbins' Drupal song on various brass instruments and an alpine horn. More musical hijinx ensued before Drupal founder Dries Buytaert took the stage.
  • Dries talked about how excited and big the Drupal 7 release was and then also laid out his thoughts and plans for where Drupal 8 should go. It was an exciting look back at where the Drupal community has come from over the past 10 years and where it may go in the next couple years.
  • We found that Drupal 7's media module paints a bright future for handling images, audio and video, although it's not exactly ready for prime-time yet.
  • Some of us learned about the common security issues that developers in Drupal deal with, while others took a look at various theories of wireframing.
  • Webform has been rocking contact forms and survey pages on August Ash Drupal sites for years, but recently things got much more functional out of the box thanks to the new Webform 3 version. The lead developer of Webform went through all the improvements and features.
  • We also learned about when a developer should implement an extendable API to give themselves and other developers better Drupal expansion options. This was followed by a bit about how Drupal's query system, Views, actually queries the database and a bit about how we can extend it--although we've already discovered some of this in building Drupal sites on our own.
  • An official DrupalCon party took place afterward at the Field Museum. We had a fun time looking around at the artifacts and exhibits in the museum as well as enjoyed some food and drinks. It was an exciting first day to the conference.

There's a reason August Ash is at DrupalCon this week. We really like working with the platform. If you're interested in learning more about the advantages of having a site built on Drupal, let us know. We're always happy to schedule a free 1-hour site assessment where we can show how much easier it is to manage your own content anytime you want.