Selling online (another way to refer to eCommerce) can be a cost effective way to expand your business, bringing your products and services to anyone in the world with an internet connection, without ever having to leave your office.

It's not future news anymore; this is happening all around you right now. If you didn't catch this on our blog earlier, it's worth reading why online sales, especially from mobile devices, has been on the rise.

The shift has already made itself evident; we've entered into a new business environment where simply having a website isn't enough. Companies that want to make money from bigger markets need websites that can sell products quickly, dependably, and professionally. Furthermore, by comgining this eCommerce component with a measure of smart SEO (search engine optimization), online businesses gain the ability to put their products in front of more customers who are already searching and ready to buy.

At August Ash, we've been developing and maintaining ecommerce websites for over a decade, giving our customers endless possibilities for presenting and selling products online. One of the platforms we use for these websites is Magento (what is Magento?). And with our in-house Internet marketing department, we're happy to assist by analyzing sales and site performance for better results.

If you're considering a move to eCommerce, or are in need of an update to your outdated or broken eCommerce website, let us know about it. We specialize in making eCommerce headaches go away.