For example, start with your office manager, or whoever answers the phones for your company. That person is usually your first point of contact for potential customers who have questions. And those questions are like gold to you. Determine what people are asking when they call you for the first time (or if you get a lot of walk-in customers, consider what they're asking for at the front counter). Chances are, your receptionist could rattle off 15 commonly asked questions along with a slew of "keywords" most people are using when they contact your organization.

Your sales reps, too, are a good resource for keyword brainstorming. They talk with inquisitive potential clients every day. They should know just as well, maybe better, than anyone else in the company, what people are talking about. More importantly, they'll know specifically how they're talking (i.e. what keywords are being used to describe your products and services).

Keep Up Your Momentum
We've talked about building up a high volume of possible keywords, which is a great first step toward optimizing your site. But it's not the end. Something intentional and strategic will be needed to make use of this early brainstorming. That's where your SEO comes in.

At August Ash, our search engine optimization team will not only lay an SEO foundation; we'll build something worth maintaining on top of it. We get downright scientific in our keyword research, producing a list of keywords that are relevant, valuable, and smart.

Minneapolis internet marketing firm August Ash helps businesses and non-profits make sense of their myriad keyword possibilities. We treat keyword research as the strategic groundwork necessary for just about all future marketing work on a site. If you have questions about this process, or are ready to see how your site can benefit from a tested, intelligent approach to keywords, let us know.