Mobile Friendly Websites Will Dominate Search

Starting April 21st, 2015 Google will place significant focus on “mobile friendliness” as part of its ranking algorithm. What does this mean? In short, websites that are optimized for mobile use will be labeled and rewarded a higher ranking in Google search. On the other end of the spectrum, websites that are not appropriately optimized will be penalized - resulting in a lower search engine ranking. As our culture has become highly dependent on mobile use, Google has shifted its attention to give visitors high quality search results that have the capability to be accessed from these smaller devices. 

My Website Is Not Responsive. Now What?

Those that do not currently have a mobile or responsive website should definitely take this update seriously. Google is typically very secretive about how they calculate their rankings, so the fact that they’ve come out and announced this so directly and even created a page on their website to test mobile readiness is a big deal. We strongly advise to check where your website currently stands to prepare and plan for the update.