Jeff Farr Web Designer Developer User ExperienceAugust Ash’s Web Designer/Developer Jeff Farr, who has a special interest in and talent for user experience, attended this year’s conference from May 19-22. He brought back some interesting insights to share with us about what UX is, how it works and how to do it well.


One speaker that especially inspired Jeff was Tyler Galpin, Co-Founder of RadPad. The term “user experience” is everywhere these days and there are many ways to describe it, but Tyler emphasized that UX is about delighting the user. He identified four main phases of the experience of a delighted user:

anticipation in user experience1.      Anticipation

Example: Disneyland


When you go to Disneyland there’s a sense of anticipation about the event. The anticipation starts before you embark on your trip and grows as you approach the park. It’s heightened as you walk through a small tunnel under a bridge that feels like an exit from reality and an entry into the magical world of Disneyland. This anticipation is a big part of the experience. Sometimes this anticipation can actually bring more happiness than the actual event.


exclusivity and scarcity in user experience

2.      Exclusivity and Scarcity

Example: Dribbble

Dribbble is a popular online community for designers to share and give feedback on each other’s designs. Membership is exclusive and invite-only. This contributes to it being one of the most highly desired websites for designers to share work, build community and find inspiration. Designers even go as far as creating designs (see right) that demonstrate how much they want a membership in hopes of receiving an invite.


radpad user experience

3.      The Little Moments

Example: RadPad


Tyler’s creation, RadPad, is an app for finding, renting and even paying rent on apartments or condos. He defined “little moments” as those interactions that surprise and delight a user. For example, if you move your cursor over RadPad Man on the app, he gives you a little wink. Unexpected design elements like this make the user’s experience just that much better.


mailchimp user experience

4.      Grand Finale

Example: Disneyland and Mailchimp


A grand finale is created to amaze the audience and leave a lasting impression. At the end of every night, Disneyland puts on an impressive fireworks show. It signals the conclusion of a wonderful experience and ends on a positive note. How can a grand finale be incorporated into a website? Mailchimp delivers this type of experience by giving you a virtual, animated high-five and congratulations when you’ve finished creating your email campaign.


Visit Valio Con’s website for more information on the conference or contact us if you’re interested in a having a conversation about user experience and web design.