Many of the business leaders we speak with are faced with the following marketing challenges:

"We need help establishing credibility, authority, and trust across our entire digital presence." 

"We feel stuck with our current website and marketing and we're not sure how to best use digital to drive growth."

"We need help turning our website into a platform that directly impacts and generates revenue across multiple channels: Outside Sales, Inside Sales, eCommerce, Customer Service, Account Management ..." 

"We don't know the best way to build and connect all of the databases and systems we currently have, or should have, (Content Management System, CRM, ERP, Marketing Automation, Analytics, 3rd Party Data, Augmented Reality, etc.) to drive growth as part of a unified marketing technology stack."

"Our marketing is very fragmented and siloed right now and we need help bringing it all together and aligning it with sales and revenue."

There is no such thing as digital marketing, just marketing in a digital world...


All marketing in 2019 will include digital marketing. With the increasing high adoption rate of smart phones, mobile traffic and online acquisition will be a key metric in all organizations. Many successful companies are still figuring out how best to align their digital marketing efforts with their traditional marketing efforts; some times they work just as well, but often a new approach may be needed. 

To fully align and connect digital to drive growth, leaders need to ask tough questions to uncover how your organization's strategy, sales, marketing, and technology are currently aligned and connected. Only then will you discover where the true gaps are and be able to address them.

Here are three top-level questions to get the conversation started internally:

What are your top three strategic sales and marketing priorities for 2019?

How well is your current sales and marketing team (and their work) aligned with your top three priorities?

Is your current sales and marketing technology stack aligned with your top three priorities?

Companies with clear strategic goals, objectives, and priorities but little to no alignment with sales, marketing, and technology have the most opportunity to improve.

By analyzing and taking a deep dive look at these four pillars, you can start build a foundation for growth with digital. 


As you start to examine your four pillars you will find there is tremendous opportunity for alignment, connectivity, improvement, and optimization. Stay the course. Keep focused on your top three initiatives. Anchor marketing to the same metric that sales is measured on: revenue.

Marketing is all about taking the obstacles out of the way of your buyer so that they can more easily do business with you, and digital marketing is no different. If you are an EOS company you can align your four pillars with your V/TO and leverage your Accountability Chart to drive adoption.

Your Issues, Rocks, and To-Dos start to help you process and solve for the challenges above and break through the marketing challenges many companies face.

We're ready for 2019 to be the year of explosive growth for ourselves and our clients. Contact us today for a free four pillars analysis & digital marketing consultation.