LinkedIn is one of the most powerful B2B networks out there. It’s advertising abilities allow companies to target the specific job titles within the specific industries that sales and marketers need to talk to.

We’ve strategized and ran LinkedIn Campaigns for many years for our clients. If you’ve wanted to get more attention and leads from the right people in your market, here’s a quick rundown on the steps needed.

Who do I target? Pick an industry, a location, and a specific role or job description type. For example, a manufacturer in the Midwest might want to target only project managers, directors of engineering, and acquisition personnel within companies who are more than 100 employees within Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois and Michigan.

The power of LinkedIn is in it’s targeting, and going too broad is a mistake and a waste of an advertising budget. 

How much advertising budget do you need? We typically recommend that our clients who are just getting started with LinkedIn Ads, budget around $2,000 for their very first campaign. The reason for this is that the cost per click for most managers and above is around $5, and a $60 - $65 a day budget gives you 10 - 12 clicks to your website per day. If 10 new people come to your website each day, and 1 of them fills out a form or calls you, that’s a 10% conversion rate, which is incredibly strong.

What should my ads say? Pick a single topic or theme, such as a capability or service you offer. Create one really good visual image that relates that capability or service specifically to the job titles you are targeting. Then, write 3 different elevator pitches that mention the value, the benefit, or the availability of that service, using the same words you’d use in an elevator to a non-colleague. 

Where should my ads send people? We don’t recommend sending them to your home page. We recommend sending them to the most relevant page for the service or offering on your website, or, send them a carefully crafted landing page that showcases them, speaks to their needs, and captures their information without leaving that page.

Following through on what the ad promised and no more increases your chances of success.

If you’ve never created LinkedIn Ads before, this guide to Linkedin Ads from Social Media Examiner walks you through the steps with screenshots on how to set up and launch your first LinkedIn campaign. 

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