A Forrester Research report predicted an 11% increase in interactive marketing efforts over the next year. Read more about that here.

People are turning to the Internet for more than just marketing, though.

A study from Forbes Insights and Google found that the Internet has become the most valuable information resource for US senior level business executives.

With 74% of executives rating the Internet as "very valuable", it has surpassed several other resources, including personal and work contacts, networking, newspapers, magazines, and more.

What exactly are these executives looking for online and how are they finding it?

Search engines were the most popular source for finding information, followed by guidance from colleagues and subscription search engines.

Executives most often look for information regarding competitor analysis, customer trends, corporate developments, technology trends, and compliance/legal issues.

Read all the details in this article from emarketer.com:
Execs Go Online for Business Intelligence

With a younger generation moving into executive positions, this trend is sure to continue.