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Not to worry, the newly rebranded Google Ads will not affect any campaigns that are currently running. Furthermore, Google Ads will continue to offer the same advertising options as before with unchanged fees.

One major change to note however is that Google Ads will be divided up into three major brands: Google Ads, Google Marketing Platform, and Google Ad Manager.

We’ll cover what each of these new brands include and how their new features will help marketers and small business owners reach their digital marketing goals.

The New Google Ads - August Ash

Google’s New Advertising Brands

As Google acquired and developed more ad products, formats, and measurement solutions to meet the needs of marketers and business owners, their offerings have become more complex.

Because of the growth of Google Adwords, marketers and business owners have found it increasingly difficult to identify and select the right Google products for their needs.

Responding to this obstacle, Google has decided to divide their advertising interface into three different brands: Google Ads, Google Marketing Platform, and Google Ad Manager.

With these changes, Google aims to break down the common barriers both new and experienced advertisers face by streamlining their products into a more simplified, automated interface.

Google Ads and Smart Campaigns

So why is Google Adwords being renamed to Google Ads?

This is partly due to a common misperception by inexperienced advertisers that think Google AdWords only offers text ads. Although this was true back when Google launched Adwords back in 2000, this is no longer the case today.

Google AdWords has evolved into a platform that supports many different ad formats including search ads, display ads, video ads, apps, google maps placements, google play placements, and more.

As Google continued to add more advertising products, they quickly realized that they have outgrown the “Adwords” name. As a result, rebranding to Google Ads provides a much more straightforward representation of what advertising products they have to offer.  

In addition to the Google Ads rebrand, Google announced that it will launch Smart Campaigns. Smart Campaigns is an advertising product that helps break down the barriers for new advertisers - specifically small businesses. Smart Campaigns will become the default mode for small business advertisers and will allow them to identify the actions (whether it’s phone calls, store visits or purchases) that they’re prioritizing, then Google Ads will use machine learning to optimize the images, text and targeting to drive more of those actions. With this product, Google intends to make the process of creating ads more seamless while ensuring those ads are ending up in front of the right audience.

Google Marketing Platform

The second brand Google Ads is releasing is called Google Marketing Platform.

DoubleClick will be combined with the Google Analytics 360 Suite to make one consolidated service called Google Marketing Platform. This will bring ad and analytics technology together for what Google is hoping to be an easier marketing experience.

This consolidation is responding to a growing need for collaboration. Now advertisers will be able to plan, buy, measure and optimize digital media all in one place.

Google Marketing Platform also includes a new Integrations Center where marketers can view all the ways they can connect their Google tools.

The New Google Ads - Google Marketing Platform - August Ash

Google Ad Manager

The third brand Google Ads is releasing is Google Ad Manager.

Google Ad Manager will combine Google’s monetization tools for publishers, DoubleClick for Publishers, and DoubleClick Ad Exchange. Google’s goal is that this integration will become a more efficient and publisher-friendly platform in the sense that it will help publishers monetize all the new places where people are engaging, such as live streams, connected TVs, Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), mobile games and other apps, and platforms like YouTube and Apple News. Although the DoubleClick brand is going away, AdSense and Admob brands will continue.

These newly redesigned and integrated advertising interfaces may take some time to get the hang of, but Google has made significant progress towards making online advertising more intuitive and approachable for experienced marketers and small business owners alike.

The New Google Ads - Google Ad Manager - August Ash

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