Conventional Links vs Brand Mentions

In addition to conventional links, Google has taken into account "implied links" or "brand mentions" and how often these links are found throughout the web. Brand mentions are words on another site that reference or mention your brand/company without the use of a hyperlink. Press releases, blog posts, and comments are a few forms of written content where brand mentions can be found. 

Although brand mentions are a great way to boost your site's ranking in a more natural way, conventional links should not be completely overlooked. Both conventional links and brand mentions are valuable tools that have the ability to boost site authority; but creating a healthy balance between the two is a key ingredient in fostering improved SEO going forward. 

Here are a few important points to consider when creating a link building strategy:

  • A high conventional link-to-brand mention ratio will look like a SEO campaign to Google, which can ultimately reduce and harm site authority.
  • Visual content such as videos and infographics engage consumers. This is a great way to facilitate a natural ratio of conventional links to brand mentions.
  • Make sure link-backs are from trustworthy sites.
  • Mixing URL structure (i.e. vs. and focusing less on structured keywords and phrases will allow your link building to appeal more natural.

The next part of our SEO series will unveil the difference between DoFollow and NoFollow links. Stay tuned!

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