Getting Started

It is advised to focus on creating high-quality content paired with a solid keyword base in regard to surrounding SEO competition. But as SEO is becoming increasingly competitive and crowded, picking out a handful of keywords and putting all efforts toward achieving high rankings will not necessarily work in your favor. It is very likely that another competitor is spending more time and money on their SEO efforts. So what is the alternative?

Conversational Keywords

Google’s 2013 Hummingbird update brought many changes to the way search engines interpreted keywords. One being that Google modified how conversational phrases were translated. The update allowed for questions or phrases entered in the search bar to be understood as a whole, rather than each individual word being analyzed. So how does this have an impact on SEO? Optimizing your website by targeting longer and more detailed keywords/phrases within original content will direct and attract more relevant visitors – this will ultimately help aid in achieving higher rankings on more specific searches.  

Start building some conversational keywords by brainstorming common questions asked about your business or product/service. Your focus should revolve around creating quality content that answers these questions rather than cramming in irrelevant keywords wherever they fit.  If you already have content that offers valuable information and helps the reader solve a problem, there will most likely already be keywords that belong. Find yourself wanting to address certain questions your viewers search for on a regular basis but aren’t currently included on your landing pages? Blogs are a great way to create and add additional content that can directly address these issues – which leads to more opportunities to add in keywords that draw visitors to your site and find the information that they are looking for.

Consumers are faced with hundreds of organic results to choose from each and every day. If you have the ability to take common questions asked by your audience and incorporate the appropriate information within your content and include specific keyword titles, this will in turn have a positive impact on your SEO going forward.

Our SEO series continues! Look out for our blog post next week that will cover brand mentions.  

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