Dofollow links allow search engines to crawl your content and connect your page to other pages, internal (your own website) and external web pages. When used correctly and obtained from a reliable source, dofollow links offer significant SEO value because they're recognized by google as being highly credible. Generally speaking, authoritative dofollow links from sources such as New York Times and Forbes that point back to your site will have a positive impact on the ranking you receive by Google.

Before you begin grabbing as many dofollow links as possible, keep in mind that these links allow for anybody to post or engage with them. This includes spammers. If Google continually sees untrustworthy links being affiliated with your site, this can negatively affect your rankings. Therefore, it is crucial to keep close tabs on your posts and monitor any spam activity that may be going on.


Nofollow links are not followed by search engines algorithms. Nofollow links have no direct SEO perks, but it is important to use these links for your own benefit. First off, a nofollow link can be added to content to prevent spammers from commenting or posting untrustworthy content that link back to your site. This will improve the quality of your search engine results in the long-run. Nofollow links are also valuable in the fact that they can control/stop SEO value moving from your page to another sites page ranking. For example, let's say that you have a site that Google sees as being highly authoritative and trustworthy. You want to encourage visitors to leave comments, but some comments include links to other websites which resulted in them getting some of your hard-earned SEO. Seem unfair? That's where nofollow links come in. Adding in these links will essentially block other site from receiving some of tis "link juice" as some would say.

example of nofollow link

Given this information, try focusing your efforts toward creating quality content with a balance of nofollow and credible dofollow links. Strategically placing nofollow links throughout your content will help protect your authority and appear more natural to Google.

So when should you use dofollow and nofollow links?


  • Refer to site having related and relevant content
  • High quality and credible websites (Forbes, CNN, Google Blog, etc.)
  • Link to original source


  • Paid links
  • Blog comments section
  • Forums
  • Untrusted content
  • Pages you do not want indexed (areas on website that are exclusive to members)

Stay tuned for the next part of our SEO series that will cover social media's role on brand visibility.

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