When it comes to looking for a firm that can be trusted with your most valuable eCommerce assets, you can't do much better than finding someone who's met the stringent qualifications of Magento Certified Developer Plus. Well, maybe you can if your firm has 4 of those someones.

August Ash is proud to announce that our staff of skilled, experienced Magento programmers includes 4 who have worked hard to acheive the status of Magento Certified Developer Plus. The prestigious title is given by Magento alone, and is awarded only to those who have passed the advanced-level certification process.

If you're looking for a long-term partner you can trust to do the work right the first time, August Ash has the background and project management support to make this easy for you. We'd love to talk with you, learn about your specific eCommerce needs, and create a smart plan to get you there.

And if you haven't already discovered the value of having a Magento Certified Developer on your project, take a minute to find out.