Magento is our preferred platform for professional e-commerce site design. If your business is selling products, this is one of the best platforms to use and can be customized for your business needs. The Magento platform is completely centered around products, the shopping cart, and checking out. Some features include packages for several products, multiple attributes of products, and much more.

However, if your site requires a large amount of non-product content, a blog, or has many different focuses, you may need to have a combination of platforms.

The WordPress platform is a great solution for websites that feature a blog or news section along with a number of content pages. WordPress is geared for a blog but it can be used for managing all kinds of basic web content, from a small site with a couple news articles to a blog with multiple users, hundreds of posts and numerous comments on each post.

Finally, if Magento and WordPress were a hammer and a wrench set, Drupal is a screwdriver and wrench set, full of interchangeable bits and heads. Although Drupal appears much like a blog out of the box, Drupal includes an entire set of tools for building various types of content made up of any number of data fields. With the display system called “Views” you can create pages and even sidebar blocks full of content and data from the site. Drupal does take more configuration than either Magento or WordPress, but it is also more extendable than both of these platforms. Drupal is one of the few content management systems that allow you the capability to build in a forum, blogs, and a full-featured shopping cart, all in one coherent system.

Overall, the majority of our clients benefit from using MagentoDrupal, or WordPress. But, of course, none of these platforms are the perfect solution for every case. Websites come in all shapes and sizes, and at August Ash we spend the time to make sure your site is built on a platform that fits your needs.

Contact us at August Ash to learn more about switching to Magento, Drupal, or WordPress or talk to us about the benefits of a custom template and design.