And not just in terms of its capabilities. Businesses and non-profits around the world have awoken to the power, flexibility, and affordability of this open source tool for ecommerce. That means there’s a worldwide—and sometimes, urgent—need for reliable, competent Magento developers.

Recognizing both the inherent value of Magento, and the local need for experts who can work with it, August Ash has taken deliberate steps to be become a trusted one-stop shop for Minneapolis and St. Paul organizations looking to improve their online selling experience. But our services reach far beyond the Minnesota borders.

Whether you’re based in the Twin Cities metro, headquartered in Anchorage, or somewhere in between, our Magento ecommerce team is ready and able to give your ecommerce site a revitalizing boost. We’ve helped clients for years bring their online selling to a greater level of usability, ease, and profitability. We've also brought much-welcomed relief to companies that have come to us with broken and unfinished sites.

We see the merits of using Magento for ecommerce platforms, and our clients, too, who own those sites have seen firsthand the benefits of using this option. Among the many advantages, Magento excels because:

  • It is set up to work equally well with small online shops, large corporations, and sites of every size in between
  • It doesn’t require a paid expert to manage every detail once installed. In fact one of the great things about Magento is its functionality as a CMS (content management system), allowing untrained individuals to make changes at will, for free
  • It supports multi-language needs
  • It lends itself well to SEO (search engine optimization) efforts, and can be used to increase a website’s visibility in the search engines

And certainly not the least of its virtues, Magento is an open source platform. This usually translates into significantly lower costs than other ecommerce and CMS options which don’t offer what Magento can.

If you’re considering beginning or enhancing your online sales presence, we’d like to help you do it right the first time. Call or email August Ash today for references, testimonials, a case study, or simply to see how we can help increase online revenue.