The beautiful look and easy to use layout mask a hidden infrastructure that provides flexibility, power, and future-proof scalability.

But it doesn’t just look and feel nice; this was custom built to turn visitors into customers. It’s an eCommerce website that offers a wide variety of content to users. From gorgeous imagery and updated news and recipes, to information about Burnett’s services and store locations, all of the content has been structured in a way that makes it easy to buy online.

More Than a Website
Moreover, this new website also plays a role in one of the company’s much bigger undertakings: a rebranding. Because this project was a complete rebranding of the Burnett Dairy Co-op, the discovery phase was long and detailed. There were three firms involved, each dedicated to one of three phases of the project: branding, packaging, and web design (provided by AAI).

Because AAI was invited to be involved in the process early on, we were able to provide insight and suggestions right way. This helped shape the overall product into something great. When it came time for AAI to start on the website design, we had vast resources already in place where it regarded documentation, direction and other tools. In the end, this helped create a well-rounded finished product, from branding and identity, to packaging and web design.

A Focus on Users and the Mobile Experience
A copious amount of time was dedicated to thinking about how the home page would work on the finished site, and specifically how users would interact with it. Our planning from day one was built around the need for a truly mobile friendly experience.

“We wanted to create a site that gave the user a great experience,” says lead designer Carl Martens. “We pushed the envelope when it came to how people interact with the site and how things are presented to them. We didn't want to stick to traditional conventions when it came to layout and structure. Instead, we wanted to think mobile first, and that's how we approached the whole project.”

The Mechanics Behind the Art
Despite the emphasis put on first impressions, user friendliness, and a great mobile experience, it was imperative that the website itself be easy for the owners/administrators to manage and update. One of the main concerns the client had was ease of editing and updating the site. Because the previous website had been difficult to work with, our team dedicated time to create editing features that would make it easier to access and edit the site’s content.

But making it easy to use was just one component of our work. Make it fun to use was also a big objective. As developer Cyle Carlson recalls, “we wanted to do a few really cool things with the design. One of them was altering an elements position as the user scrolls down a page. One example of this is the parallax effect on the homepage. As you scroll down you will see how the big banner images move at a different speed than the rest of the page. This adds a sort of depth to the page.”

What’s Next?
Websites are never truly finished. And even when a site like this is re-launched with an entirely new look and built on up-to-date technology, there will be other phases and new ideas around the bend. But what makes August Ash websites, and those built on Drupal like this one in particular, different is their scalability. This platform is ready to accompany the Burnett Dairy team well into the future, and it’s backed by the trusted, ongoing support of August Ash.

With this in mind, we encourage you to take a couple minutes to look at your own website and consider your plan for managing it. If you’re not fully confident in that plan—or don’t have one—our team is ready to help. Let us know if you’re ready to take the next step.