Northwire and August Ash began a partnership with the design and development of Northwire’s current Drupal website, which launched in July 2018.

Northwire designs and manufactures highly technical cables, specifically for the healthcare, manufacturing, aerospace & defense, and transportation industries. Their work is cutting edge and found in manufacturing plants, unmanned vehicles, and hospitals all over the world. 

With a new site, Northwire wanted a modern and seamless experience for their users, to increase credibility and authority within their industry, and ultimately use it as a tool through which to generate marketing leads.  

Since the website launch, we have partnered with Northwire to improve their digital marketing, make strategic conversion rate optimizations based on customer interactions with the website, and clean up their organic traffic and keywords to focus on what truly grows their business.

Quote Requests, Landing Pages, and Conversion Rate Optimization

A few months post-launch, August Ash and Northwire dove into the analytics data to determine how the new website had been performing for their visitors

Using tools such as Google Analytics and CrazyEgg, we were able to identify drop-offs occurring on key service and industry pages on their website. Visitors were coming to the website, spending a lot of time consuming the content, but failing to scroll further down the page to click the Request a Quote button. 

Quote requests for Northwire require many fields of technical engineering specification, so sending qualified traffic to the form was a key priority.

Retractile Coil Cables was chosen as the test page for some new design changes for conversion rate optimization. August Ash’s web design and development departments collaborated together with our digital marketers to reformat the page in a test environment to include a higher call-to-action with a custom written header, leading directly to the Request a Quote page. These changes were approved by Northwire and pushed to the live website.

After three months’ worth of traffic, we had our answer: the conversion rate from Retractile Coil Cords had more than doubled, increasing from 2.4% to 5.6%. Visitors to the website were taking quicker, more immediate action, and submitting their Request a Quote. 

Encouraged by this response, we pushed out this design change sitewide, and have seen a dramatic increase in sitewide conversion rates.

Every website and buyer’s journey is unique; the best strategy often needs to be adjusted when real visitors start interacting with your website. In a B2B manufacturer and engineering world, problem aware visitors looking for a solution don’t always need to be convinced you understand them, they’re looking to know how much it costs for you to work with them, and whether or not you can handle their needs. 

Northwire’s website is now positioned to more immediately address and help their visitors.

Retractile Coil Cables Landing Page


Organic Traffic & Keywords - Ranking for What Matters Most

A year ago, after Northwire’s website launched, their organic traffic tanked. 

This was by design!

One of the key considerations when building Northwire’s new website was their organic traffic. One of the challenges Northwire gave August Ash was: when we relaunch, how do we maintain and acquire the right organic traffic, and get rid of low quality, wasted traffic?

Previously, they had ranked very broadly for many terms, but the traffic quality and conversions were poor. 

Being a cable manufacturer, it once made sense to try to rank highly for “cable” as a single keyword, but over time competitors such as Amazon, Comcast, CenturyLink, and Best Buy were outranking them. They are not a commodity, off the shelf cable distributor; they sell custom engineered cable solutions. Yet Northwire was struggling to grow organically for long-tail keywords like “custom medical cable manufacturer.

Previous to launch, August Ash’s digital marketers spent hours devising the best, most relevant keyword and organic strategy for Northwire. Site hierarchy and pages were designed to help them grow in rankings for the keywords and phrases that mattered most to their business. 

After launch, August Ash has worked diligently with Northwire’s marketers and writers to write the best meta descriptions, title tags, headers and more to rank and influence search engine rankings.

One key post-launch finding and change was understanding and implementing layman rather than scientific keywords. Depending on the audience, visitors might know the proper, scientific, acronym heavy term for a product or part, and be searching for that; or, they might be using layman, shorthand, colloquial words and phrases. 

Both audiences mean the exact same thing, but working with a website to rank for both requires thoughtful strategy, knowledge, and execution. 

Northwire and August Ash worked together to improve search rankings for both types of audiences: those searching for “bulk custom can bus cables”, and those searching for “j1939-11”. 

While there is a lot of room to grow, we’re confident Northwire is going to continue to grow as a thought leader and premier manufacturer of cables through their site rankings and traffic.

Paid Search Advertising - Generating Leads

Leads and projects are the lifeblood of any manufacturing company. Northwire is no different. Their new website needed to be able to generate leads, find new prospects, and establish them further as an industry leading cable manufacturer. 

However, Northwire is not a commodity distributor of cables, which are where the vast majority of keywords in the manufacturing cable industry originate. Hundreds of people each week search for off the shelf cables in low quantities, but Northwire needed project engineers looking to scope out hundreds of thousands of feet of unique cable. Leads often take a few years to close as engineers go through R&D phases. 

To reach Northwire’s target audiences, a new strategy for using Google Ads was required. Several key industries were chosen, and select services within those industries. Keywords were researched that focused on more problem aware than solution aware. 

The decision to focus on target markets and the custom cable and wire solutions that Northwire offers to them was the right one.

Over the last year, August Ash has been able to generate a steady stream of leads for Northwire through Google Ads, breaking into new markets and opportunities.

August Ash and Northwire - A Strategic Partnership for Growth

We’ve learned a lot about Northwire and the custom cable manufacturing industry in the last year since the launch of their new website. 

They’re an amazing example of the true strategic digital partnership August Ash brings to our clients. With strategic digital marketing, web design, and web development resources available at August Ash, coupled with the industry, organizational, and product oversight from Northwire, together we’re growing and creating new opportunities and possibilities for Northwire’s clients.

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