The Scoop

Pantheon's 300 agency partners were instantly upgraded to this latest release of Pantheon and can immediately take advantage of new website management tools, team collaboration and security enhancements. The multi-tenant, container-based cloud platform enables web teams to build, launch, and run client websites from a single dashboard with ease. Oh, and did we mention it’s free? Here is what’s included:

- A master view of an agency’s Drupal and WordPress sites

- As many development environments as needed for each client site

- Multidev so web teams can collaborate in the cloud

 - Change management to control granular permissions

- Site management and tagging tools to keep people and projects organized

So What Exactly is Pantheon for Agencies?

Pantheon for Agencies takes the place of DIY website infrastructure and traditional hosting with a website management tool for professional web teams to build, launch, and run sites for their clients.  Pantheon for Agencies is free to any agency that builds websites with Drupal and WordPress.  The platform frees up billable hours so developers can focus on high value client projects instead of non-strategic DevOps work. The newest release allows web development firms to manage multiple teams across multiple web projects with built-in workflows and best practices.  Every Pantheon website includes dev, test and live environments and workflow best practices to keep the team up to date with the correct version of code and content in every branch.

Updated: Pantheon for Agencies Dashboard. Pantheon's dashboard provides a single, modern interface for developers and site owners to manage all their websites, people, and support tickets in one place—giving agencies total visibility into all their work as an organization [on Pantheon]. Know who’s working on what. Filter and sort websites based on support level, what needs updating, or a customizable tagging system.  

New: Change Management. Change Management gives website managers the ability to grant or revoke site access to anyone, in seconds with a role-based permissions system. Teams can collaborate more effectively. Agencies can securely invite designers, developers, and contractors to work on any client site, as well as log every code push and deployment.  

New: Multidev. This is a cloud development environment for teams. Multidev allows a developer to fork the entire website stack (code and content), work independently, then merge the code changes back into the master. Each forked branch has its own separate development environment, including database and files.

A Little More On Pantheon

Pantheon is the world's largest website management platform, delivering Drupal and WordPress as a service. Pantheon solves the common problems with traditional hosting, from website outages to the inability to handle large traffic spikes, security, team management, version control, and deployment. Pantheon delivers  fast website performance, strong security, and the ability to scale as a service as the platform powers more than 85,000 websites delivering billions of page views every month. Some examples of large enterprises that use Pantheon include Intel, Cisco, Arizona State University, and the United Nations.

Pantheon for Agencies is now available and is free for design firms, dev shops and creative agencies. Visit for more information.