Your website may not rank well when Google goes mobile first indexing.

Google has announced that in March 2021, all websites will rank organically based on how the mobile version of your website performs.

With this change, your organic traffic will be directly impacted whether or not your customers use mobile regularly. Where you show up on the Google search engine results page will be impacted by mobile website speed, ease of mobile navigation, and what keywords you rank for on mobile.

When was your website built? Was it designed with a mobile responsive or optimized approach? 

If your site is older than 3 - 5 years old and/or you’re unsure of its mobile readiness, your website might not be designed responsively or optimized for a mobile first world. 

We have until March 2021, giving us a few months of time to develop and implement a plan to protect and increase your traffic

If you’re looking for increased organic traffic and conversions in the years to come, contact your August Ash Strategic Account Manager today for a free consultation and assessment of your website’s mobile performance.