1. Know what keywords to target.  Determining the right target keywords for your site goes beyond guessing what people are searching for. If you haven’t already, enlist the help of someone with strongkeyword analysis experience to develop  an intelligent list of target terms.
  2. Use keywords smartly. Once you have that list of target keywords, you can use them as a “cheat sheet” for almost all future work—optimizing your blog titles, URLs, H-tags, category titles, tags, and saturation of the blog’s content, for example.
  3. When optimizing a post for keywords, choose just one (or two that are similar) to target in a single blog entry.  Trying to target too many will make the post feel unnatural to the reader, and dilute the SEO value to search engines.
  4. Enable comments after the blog has been around long enough to gain a reader base.  As SEOmoz’sRand Fishkin says, “There's something sad about a blog with [zero] comments on every post. It feels dead, empty and unpopular. Luckily, there's an easy solution - don't offer the ability to post comments on the blog…” until you have the regular traffic to support it.
  5. Once you’ve enabled commenting on your posts, participate and interact with those who comment.  Answer their questions, respond to their thoughts, and thank them for their insight.  You can do all this right in the comments section.
  6. Comment on your readers’ blogs, too.  Some of your readers will link back to their own blogs when they comment on yours.  If so, and where relevant, check out their blogs and return the favor of leaving comments.  If appropriate to that conversation, link back to your own blog for the sake of new readers who haven’t “met you.”
  7. Make it easy for readers to share your content.  There all kinds of easy ways to implement sharing tools on your blog today, a few of which might be waiting to be enabled on your platform for free already.  If you’re using WordPress, there are a number of free plugins you can implement yourself.  Additionally, solutions like ShareThis and SocialTwist’s Tell-a-Friend have become blog staples and are easy to use on almost any site.

Ready to Harness the Power of Blogging on Your Site?

By partnering with a trusted Internet marketing team, like the one at August Ash, you can have a customized blogging strategy created with your goals and visitors in mind. The team at AAI can help you get started and reach a point where you own this process entirely. In addition to offering coaching and strategy, though, we also have skilled writers on staff who can help shoulder the weight of your blog writing if desired.

Chances are there’s an audience out there interested in reading about your brand. Are you ready to let them?