Unless your sole job is to monitor your organization’s website, it’s likely been months or even years since you’ve carefully sifted through your content: what it says, where it says it, and most importantly, what it doesn't say at all?

We all know what it's like to have an ever-growing list of duties and an ever-shrinking amount of time in which to accomplish them. That may be why you haven't really looked at your website lately. And it might explain why you'll notice a few things that aren't as up-to-date as they should be.

  • Does your staff page include old photos or employees that don't work for you anymore?
  • Has your contact information changed?
  • Are there typos throughout the site that were never caught in the copy writing process?
  • Is your business being misrepresented by the lack of detail on your services page?
  • Are you linking out to other pages on the web that aren’t live anymore?

Your Site is Due for a Checkup

We recommend thoroughly reviewing your website semi-annually, if not more frequently. Not only will this give you a chance to tidy up anything that’s become out of date, but it will help you see yourself the same way hundreds or thousands of people are seeing you for the first time every week.

If you’re not pleased with how your current website represents you online, contact us to schedule a no-charge consultation during which we can evaluate your site with you. Our designers and SEO strategists enjoy the challenge of bringing new results to companies that have already been online for years.


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