Advantages of Having a Responsive Mobile Friendly Site

  • It allows the site design to be resolution independent. This means that the site will be optimized and displayed correctly regardless of the user's device resolution. Whether the visitor is viewing your site on a large 27-inch monitor or a small 3.5-inch smartphone screen, the font will be readable, buttons will be appropriately sized, and page elements will be appropriately formatted. All without requiring the user to pinch and zoom.
  • It's simpler from a development and management standpoint. There is only one theme, one domain (no m. or mobile.), and one style sheet.
  • Since we built the site with mobile in mind we also tried to make it more efficient and smaller in download size. Mobile connections aren't quite as fast as our home connections (yet) and the same goes for mobile processors. This forced us to think about efficiency so the pages load faster which is generally not a high priority concern with desktop designed sites.

Why Having a Mobile Friendly Site Is Good For Your Visitors

Because users now have devices with a wider range of display sizes and resolutions, creating a responsive theme for our site was a good fit for us. This method of frontend development adapts to any size, and formats the page appropriately.

All modern mobile browsers can render web pages accurately but if the page itself isn't built for smaller resolutions it requires the user to pinch and zoom and pan around the site to navigate it fully. This greatly increases the chances that users will miss something important, or will have issues clicking links and navigating the site in general.

The mobile web design solution we chose also means there’s no need for a “click here to see the full site” button, because the full site is always visible.

Why We Chose a Responsive Mobile Site over the Other Options

  1. The biggest reason here is that for both mobile and desktop user (and everything in-between) we wanted to communicate the same message.
  2. Other mobile options can require extra management of the site’s content. "Do I want this page to show on the mobile site or desktop only?"
  3. These sites show mobile visitors that the organization behind the site knows they’re there, and is making specific efforts to accommodate their browsing. And for a company like August Ash, that’s extra important.

If you're ready to learn what it takes to make your own website more mobile friendly, give us a call or email us. We love this work, and would enjoy the opportunity to talk about it relative to your site.